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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Inside, Gordon is at the bar, pouring himself a scotch. Barbara asks him if he shouldn't have soda with it this time. Gordon replies that he was considering getting blind drunk. Barbara asks if him if that isn't usually Wayne's answer - going straight for the drink. Gordon gives in and puts some soda water in his glass. Barbara then asks him if he's sorry he sent Wayne packing. Gordon quietly says, "No." Barbara asks him how the letters got in the back of the clock in the first place. Gordon says his mother probably put them there. Barbara asks why, and Gordon explains that it was because he tried to burn them - Nancy had just died, and she used to tell him that she read the letters over and over. Barbara asks him if he'd been away for a while. Gordon tells her that he'd been away on business for almost three months; he got back the month before the baby was due. He continues that pregnancy really suited Nancy; some women 'bloom' when they're pregnant, and Nancy certainly did - she was so happy; so looking forward to the birth of their child. Barbara asks if she ever got to see Wayne. Gordon sadly replies that she didn't - she died as he was born. He tells Barbara that he couldn't believe it; he found her letters and threw them on the fire; his mother was staying with him at the time, and when he left the room, she must have rescued them. Barbara asks why she put them in the clock, and Gordon explains that his mother knew he'd do the same thing again; she probably thought he'd be glad of them later. He sadly continues that he doesn't know what Wayne expected to achieve, coming there today - it just brought back how he felt when Nancy died: he thought it was the end of his life... Barbara tenderly says that she felt like that when Roland died. There's a sudden knock at the front door. Gordon snaps that if it's those blasted reporters again... Barbara tells him to keep calm, and she goes to answer it. Charlie is standing there, and she tells Barbara that she's read about the awful tragedy; she's just came to say how sorry she is; she thought she might be able to cheer them up. Barbara grimaces!

Outside, Wayne is telling the reporter that all hell broke loose when Barbara discovered the truth. The reporter asks what Wayne reckons Helen and her son were doing there the night she died. Wayne says he doesn't know - the last he heard, Barbara wouldn't have them in the house. The reporter remarks that she did - and the woman ended up dead; it'll make a great story. Wayne tells him to enjoy writing it. Getting in his car, he then adds, "See ya!" The reporter asks him if he can have a few more details - the spelling of names, that sort of thing. Wayne asks if this is going to make the front page. The reporter replies that it depends what else comes in; there's a fair chance, though. Wayne looks pleased with himself.

Inside, Charlie comments on Barbara finding the body, and adds that it must have been awful for her. Barbara curtly replies that they're coping - despite the newspapers. Charlie remarks that she thought that just have been a reporter that Wayne was talking to. Gordon, looking astonished, sharply says, "Wayne?" Charlie replies that he was talking to a man when she came in - and another one had a camera, so she thought they were from the papers. Seeing the looks on their faces, she announces that she won't stay, as they're obviously not feeling very social today. She gets up and goes. Barbara asks Gordon if he thinks Wayne told the reporters the story. Gordon growls that he wouldn't put it past him. He makes to head outside, saying he'll go and stop him before he says too much. Barbara, though, asks what the use is. She points out that Wayne has had plenty of time to tell them by now; if Gordon goes out yelling, they'll only have more to write about. Gordon gives in, but snaps, "Damn him." Barbara tells him that there's nothing they can do now. Putting her hand to her head, she continues that she has a splitting headache, and she announces that she's going to lie down. She leaves Gordon standing there looking annoyed. After a few seconds, he walks over to the bar and picks up the 'phone. He dials a number, it rings and then Amanda answers. Gordon says it's him, and after saying a cheery hello, Amanda asks if Wayne has arrived yet. Gordon retorts that yes, he has; that's why he wants to talk to her.

Outside, the reporter tells Wayne to give him his address, and he'll send a cheque. Wayne, though, says he doesn't want money. The reporter asks how about a photo, but Wayne says, "No way." He adds that he's doing this on condition that they don't let anyone know where they got the story. The reporter assures him that he always keeps his mouth shut. He then asks Wayne what, if he doesn't want any pay, is in it for him. Wayne curtly replies that he just wants to put the record straight, that's all. He starts his car and drives off. The reporter says to the photographer, "Set the record straight, bull. He's got a chip on his shoulder the size of a railway sleeper."

On the 'phone, Amanda asks Gordon how Andy's taking it. Gordon replies that he's pretty shaken, and Amanda comments, "Poor guy." She adds that he and his mother were so close. Gordon assures her that they're keeping an eye on him. Amanda tells him to give Andy her love. She then brings up the fact that Gordon called about Wayne, and she asks him if the two of them are friends again. Gordon retorts that he and Wayne will never be friends. Amanda tells him that the letters really shook Wayne up - reading them made him realise how much Gordon wanted him before he was born. Gordon, though, snaps that Wayne thought he could use them as some sort of emotional blackmail. Amanda snaps back that that's not true - Wayne just wanted to tell him how he felt. Gordon mutters that, whatever it was, he's not really interested. He continues that what does worry him is that Wayne has been talking to a reporter; he and Barbara are worried that he's giving them the story about Roland and Helen. Amanda insists that he wouldn't do that. Gordon snaps that Wayne is capable of anything. He asks Amanda if she can find out from Wayne what he did say. Amanda agrees to see what she can do, but she adds that she still doesn't think he'd have said anything. Gordon remarks that she's changed her tune - he thought the idea of going down there was to get revenge. Amanda says it was. Gordon asks her how come she's changed her mind. Amanda replies that maybe she's got to understand him a little better. Gordon tells her that she should get out of there and leave Wayne to his own devices. Amanda snaps that then she wouldn't be able to find out what he told the reporters. She hangs up.

Wayne pulls his car in at the side of a road. He gets out and puts his briefcase on the bonnet. He opens the case and takes out the bundle of letters. He looks at them, and then walks over to a nearby rubbish bin. He rips the letters into pieces and, after pausing momentarily, throws them in. He stands there looking hurt and angry.

David is taking his dressing gown off in his bedroom at Woombai. Margaret is also in the room, and he remarks to her that he reckons he'll be OK to stay up a bit longer - he's feeling himself getting stronger; he'll be well enough to go home before long. Margaret tells him that he's got a long way to go before he can do that, but David says he's sick of being an invalid with everyone doing things for him. Margaret says she's sure no one minds; she doesn't. David smiles and says, "You've been terrific, Meg." A look of surprise crosses Margaret's face, and she asks him why he called her that. David replies that 'Margaret' seems to be such a mouthful. Margaret explains that her father called her 'Meg', but no one else ever has. David says he won't do it if she doesn't want him to. Margaret, though, says it's nice.

Out in the lounge room, Beryl, Kevin and Lynn have arrived, and Fiona gives Beryl a hug and happily says this is a lovely surprise. John, who's also there, says to Kevin that he's bet he's glad to finish up - and to get away from Wayne! Fiona takes Davey from Lynn, and remarks on how much he's grown. She adds that she bets Beryl is going to miss him. Beryl says she is. She then asks how David is, and Fiona replies that he's fine; she thinks he's gone back to bed. Kevin says he hopes not - they'd like to give him a surprise! Fiona says there's something she feels she should mention: her hands have been pretty full with the arrangements for the fashion parade, and David has needed looking after-- Beryl interrupts and asks if she got him a nurse. Fiona, looking awkward, says no... somebody offered. John chips in and explains that it was Margaret Dunne. Fiona quickly tells Beryl that she knows how she feels about her - but she really has been looking after him. John agrees that she really has. He adds that David has changed his mind about her. Kevin comments that, all the same, after what she did... Beryl listens, but then says that, if David can forgive her, she supposes they can.

In the bedroom, Margaret asks David if he shouldn't have a nap, but David says he's feeling fine. There's a sudden knock on the door. It opens and Beryl comes in - followed by Kevin, Lynn and Davey! David, looking surprised, delightedly says, "Hello, love!" As the family piles in, Margaret stands there looking put out. David says to Beryl that he wasn't expecting them until tomorrow. Beryl explains that they managed to get away early. She then turns to Margaret and says she understands she's been looking after him. Margaret just murmurs, "Yes..." John comes in to ask if they want some chairs in there. David says they can sit on the bed! He thanks Kevin and Lynn for coming to see him before going to London. He smiles as he adds, "All the family... it's great!" Kevin says it's a pity Rob and Angie can't be there. Beryl says she's got a letter from them in her bag.

Margaret leaves the bedroom and walks into the lounge room. Fiona says she's just put the kettle on - she reckons Beryl will be dying for a cup of tea! She then adds that she bets David's face lit up when they arrived. She continues that she's appreciated all the help that Margaret has been - although she supposes she's looking forward to having some time to herself now. Margaret just says, "Yes..." She walks outside. Fiona follows her and watches her from the doorway, looking concerned.

Later, in the lounge room, John says to Kevin that he can remember a time when he had his heart set on becoming a journo! Kevin smiles as he replies that he never thought he'd end up as a businessman! Fiona tells him that he's got a lot to look foward to. Lynn says she just wishes it was there. Fiona assures her that they'll make a lot of new friends in London. Changing the subject, Lynn looks at Davey and says she's got to get him settled down. Kevin tells her that he'll help, and the two of them leave the room. When they're alone, and seeing the expression on John's face, Fiona asks him if something's wrong. John says, "No." He then adds that it's not that he's not glad for Kevin... Fiona completes what his sentence, saying that things aren't going well for him. John glumly says it's a pity he didn't stick it out in the airforce - he wants to make something of his life. Fiona tells him that he will - he's just got to make up his mind what it is he really wants. John says he doesn't know. Fiona assures him that things will all work out. She then brings up the subject of dinner. John offers her a hand, but Fiona asks him if he can go over to the guest house and invite Margaret to join them; she thinks she was feeling very out of it when the others turned up, and she has been very, very good to David; it would be a nice way of saying 'thankyou'.

Patricia is on the 'phone in the reception area at the guest house. She says to the person that she'll tell him, and then hangs up. As she does so, John comes in. Patricia tenderly says, "Hello," but John's 'hello' is more blunt. Patricia asks him if he's heard anything from Angela lately. John just snaps, "Yes," and then turns and walks out. Patricia stands there, looking upset. After a few seconds, she goes and sits down in a nearby chair. As she does so, John walks slowly back in, and he tells her that he's sorry. He sits down next to her and continues that Angie's doing fine - Rob's got a job he likes and they're both very happy. Patricia smiles and says she's glad. She adds that she often thinks about them both. John tells her that he was sorry to hear things didn't work out with Stephen. Patricia drops her head, sadly. John says an awkward, "Well..." He stands up. Patricia tells him that she'll probably see him around, as she's going to be there until after the launch. John goes to head outside, and as he does so, he comes across Margaret in the corridor. He tells her that he's been looking for her - he wants to invite her to dinner. Margaret asks if he means with the family. John promises not to bore her with family talk! Margaret says she'd love to, but she's already made other arrangements. John suggests she join them some other time, and he goes. Margaret heads into the reception area, and looks annoyed to see Patricia sitting there. She tells her to wipe the smirk off her face. Patricia asks why she'd be smirking. Margaret says to Patricia that she knows Beryl's there... Patricia says she gathers. Margaret snaps that it doesn't matter to her - nothing's going on with with David. Patricia points out that she hasn't said a word. She then adds, though, that if Margaret would like a tip from somebody who's been there, try and make David dissatisfied with Beryl - it's how she got him. She walks out, leaving Margaret looking furious.

It's nighttime, and Amanda hears someone trying to open the front door Toorak. She goes to the door and calls out to ask if it's Wayne outside. Wayne grunts that it is, and Amanda opens the door. Wayne staggers in, obviously very drunk. Amanda, looking concerned, asks him if he's alright. Wayne stumbles into the lounge room and goes to the drinks table, where he picks up the scotch and pours some into a glass. Amanda says she doesn't think he needs any more of that. Wayne just snaps, "Leave me alone." He slurs that they both know she doesn't give a damn about him. Amanda insists that she does, but Wayne snaps, "Bull". He angrily continues that she's only there to try and get something on him. Amanda starts to say, "At first..." Wayne snaps that he's known for ages - he's been stringing her along so that he can get his hands on Dee's money. He continues that she thought she was putting it over him, but he was always one step ahead of her. Amanda again starts to say that that was how it was at the beginning, but after a while-- Wayne interrupts and snaps that he made her think he wasn't such a bad bloke - but he's not the kind of bloke that a mother and father would be really proud of - like in those letters. He continues that he had her fooled; does she know what he is?: he's a deadhead, a real rat - about as low as she could find. Amanda walks over to him and starts to say that he mustn't think that-- Wayne pushes her away and yells that everyone else does. Amanda cries that she doesn't. Wayne yells at her to pack her bags and get out - he doesn't want the money; he doesn't give two hoots about any of it - they can all just go to hell. Amanda cries, "Wayne..." Wayne suddenly throws his scotch at her. She ducks and then runs out, shocked. Wayne goes and pours himself another drink.

Later, Amanda comes downstairs, carrying her packed bag. She pauses in the hallway and looks at Wayne, who is lying on the settee in the lounge room, fast asleep, a glass still in his hand. She walks over to him and tenderly says, "Wayne..." She puts her hand on his forehead and looks at him sadly.

The next morning, Wayne is sitting up on the settee, holding his head, when Amanda comes in with a tray of breakfast. Wayne snaps that he thought he told her to get out. Amanda, though, replies that she couldn't leave him the way he was. Wayne snaps that he doesn't need her, and he angrily asks if she's deaf or something. Amanda ignores this and hands him a cup of tea. Wayne asks her why she should care. Amanda replies that she doesn't know.

Fiona comes out of the kitchen at Woombai and tells Beryl that Jill and Lynn have thrown her out! Beryl asks if they're giving the oldies a bit of a rest! Becoming serious, she then says she hopes David is up to a picnic. Fiona assures her that of course he is - and they're not going far. Lynn comes out from the kitchen and says Jill wants to know if they should take a bottle of champagne with them. Fiona says, "One?!!" Everyone laughs, as Fiona continues that they need three at least! There's a knock at the front door, and Lynn goes to answer it. Beryl tells Fiona that she's really pleased that David is looking so well. Fiona comments that he's coming along in leaps and bounds. Beryl remarks that it's a pity he can't spend more time with the kids before they go. Lynn suddenly comes back in with Margaret, who asks Beryl for a word. Beryl tells Margaret that she wanted to talk to her, too, to thank her for looking after David. Margaret explains that she's there because Stephen just said he wanted to show Beryl what he's done around the property, and she thought she'd let her know that she's very happy to look after David. Beryl replies that that's very nice of her, but she won't take Stephen up on his offer as she wants to spend all her time with David. Margaret looks upset. Fiona looks at her.

Amanda is on the 'phone in the hallway at Toorak, and she tells Gordon that Wayne has been in a dreadful mood ever since he came back - he's drinking too much, and he kicked her out, so she's coming back up to Sydney if that's alright. Gordon assures her that of course it is; he adds that it'll let him off the hook with Barbara, as he hasn't told her yet that Amanda has gone back to him. Amanda says she's sorry she couldn't find out what Gordon wanted to know. Gordon remarks that, if he's told the reporters the story, they'll find out soon enough. Amanda tells him that she'll see him this afternoon, and they hang up. She then heads towards the front door. As she does so, Wayne comes out of living room, holding a bottle of scotch. Amanda tells him that she just wanted to say goodbye. Wayne blunty says, "Goodbye." Amanda asks him if there's anything he needs before he goes. Indicating the bottle he's holding, Wayne replies that he's got everything he needs. When Amanda doesn't move, he snaps that he thought they'd said goodbye. Amanda says, "Yes..." She picks up her bag and leaves. Wayne heads into the lounge room, opens the bottle of scotch and drinks from it.

At Woombai, John puts the blankets and picnic baskets in the boot of the car. David comes out of the house with Beryl; Margaret is just behind them. Fiona calls back inside to Jill and Lynn that they're ready to go. David and Beryl walk over to the car, leaving Margaret to comment to Fiona that it's a lovely day for a picnic. Fiona cheerily says, "Yes!" Margaret continues that she's not sure what she's going to do with herself today... Realising what she's implying, Fiona tells her that this is a family picnic; the only reason she and Jill are going is because they've all been friends for such a long time. Margaret awkwardly says, "Of course..." Fiona continues that, like Beryl said, she'll be looking after David now, so there's really no need for Margaret to worry. Margaret replies that he was beginning to take up too much of her time anyway. She tells Fiona to have a nice picnic, and she walks off. When she's out of sight of the others, she pauses, looking upset.


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