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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Breakfast is being eaten at the Palmers', and Alice says to Beryl that it's fantastic. Beryl admits that she can hardly believe it herself! David chips in that it's going to take a bit of getting used to; there'll be no more skimping to make ends meet. Beryl says she supposes not - but she's not going to fritter it away. David jokes that she needs to let the moths out of her purse! Alice says she bets Tony was excited about the news, but Beryl says they haven't seen him - they thought he was spending the night with her at her sister's. Looking alarmed, Alice says, "No..." David states that Tony didn't come home, and Alice immediately says she hopes he's alright, adding that it seems strange he didn't ring. David says he reckons he knows where he could be. Alice realises that David's hinting that Tony's with his father, and says that, if he is, there could be trouble. David says Tony wanted to sort things out with Joe, but Beryl says she doesn't know why he'd even want to see his father, let alone talk to him. Alice tells them that Tony used to hero-worship his father. David says he's sure there's nothing to worry about...

Tony gets up at his Dad's and puts a jumper on. He goes into the kitchen; it's a mess. He empties the teapot noisily, and it isn't long before Joe comes in and asks him if he has to get up at the crack of dawn and start banging about the place. Tony points out that it's gone 8am, but Joe reiterates that he said it's the crack of dawn! He reminds Tony that they didn't get to bed until the middle of the night, but Tony says it was great - he hadn't been to a real booze-up for ages! Joe comments that he was surprised when Tony said he wanted to come over to talk. Tony tells him that he woke up to the fact that the Palmers were pulling the wool over his eyes. Joe comments that Tony sure as hell got pretty thick with them, but Tony says he can see now that Dave was just being nice to him so he'd get in right with his mum. Joe snaps, "The mongrel..." and he adds that Alice should be home, where she belongs. He picks up some clothes and snaps that the place is a mess. He then growls that he's not finished with David Palmer yet - he'll fix him somehow. Tony says that maybe he can help, as David still trusts him. Joe agrees that maybe he can... He then asks Tony if he's got any dough, but Tony says, "Not much." Joe says he might have to do a few 'jobs', and he asks Tony if he's interested. Tony says, "Sure!" adding that it'll be like old times - expect this time they'll split things 50/50. Joe tells his son not to push his luck - Tony can take what he gives him and think himself lucky. Tony says it's better than working for a living! He smiles...

A while later, Tony is back at the Palmers', in the lounge room with his mother and David. Alice asks Tony if he stayed the night with his father, but Tony just retorts that it's not a crime. Alice tells him that he knows what his father's like, but Tony says he was just trying to sort things out. Alice reluctantly goes to get him some breakfast. David tells him that he could have rung, but Tony sarcastically says he didn't know he had to check in. David tells him that his father's bad news and he knows it; he's better off away from him. Tony says he knows what he's doing, but David warns him that if he ends up in strife with the cops, he's not to come running back there, as Alice has enough to worry about. Tony repeats that he'll be OK. Beryl comes in, holding a dress. She sees Tony and sarcastically says she's glad he decided to put in an appearance. She then asks if the dress she has is OK. David says it looks alright and she goes again. Tony asks what that was about, and David explains that she's going to a funeral. Tony asks who croaked it, and David explains about Dee Morrell. Tony says, "Hell!" David says he reckons that's where she's ended up! He tells Tony to take care, and goes off to the bedroom. Tony calls after him to ask what time the funeral is. David says it's at 11am. He asks Tony why he wants to know: does he want to go? Tony replies, "Not on your life!" He adds that he was just wondering. When David has gone, he goes to the 'phone and starts dialling. Alice suddenly comes out from the kitchen and tells him that she's put some cereal out for him. Tony thanks her and says he'll be in in a minute - he just has to call a mate...

The 'phone rings at the Parkers', and Joe answers. Tony tells him that he reckons he's got the perfect job for them. Joe asks what, and Tony says it's a mansion - friends of the Palmers; the owner's kicked the bucket and the funeral's today at 11am. He tells his father that the place will be empty - a real pushover - and asks him what he says.

Lisa, Fiona, John and Charlie are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, and Charlie excitedly says she can't wait to tell Jane Davies that she's Lisa's backer! Lisa replies that if Jane Davies wants to put in money too, she won't say no! Charlie, though, indignantly says she certainly will not! She then asks whoever would have thought she'd be the backer for a brilliant young designer! She suggests they'll have to throw a big cocktail party to launch the collection. As she sits looking at Lisa's drawings, she says she knows who to invite already! Lisa tells her that they have to interest people in the business - not just show off to her friends. Charlie says she knows - she's not a complete fool. Lisa and Fiona look at each other! Charlie tells Lisa to let her know who to invite, but adds that she wants her friends there, too; a lot of them will want Lisa to design for them. Lisa says she can't get caught up in too many exclusives, as the idea is to interest manufacturers in a line. Charlie says she's sure Lisa will be able to do that! Lisa says she hopes so or Charlie won't see much return for her money. Charlie says she's not interested in the business side - she'll leave that to Lisa! She suddenly notices that Fiona is drinking coffee, and so Fiona suggests she go and get a cup from the kitchen. Charlie, surprised at the reaction, goes! John takes the opportunity to ask Lisa if she's sure it's a good idea having Charlie backing her. Lisa asks why not, and John tells her that Charlie just wants to show her off to her friends. Lisa assures him that she can put up with that as long as Charlie puts up the money. John says it could be a nine-day wonder, but Lisa says it won't be if she has a signed contract in her hand. Fiona says, through gritted teeth, that Charlie would drive her to drink - quickly; and she doesn't mean coffee! Charlie waltzes back in, saying she has wonderful ideas for the material for her new dress. She sits down. The 'phone starts ringing and Fiona and John both race to get up and answer it; John wins, leaving Fiona looking annoyed at being stuck there still! Charlie continues that she thought a dusty pink satin, with frills in deeper colours in lace. She asks Lisa what she thinks. Lisa looks bemused! Fiona says that dress would be fine - as long as you've got a rose between your teeth and you're clicking castanets!

On the 'phone, John is saying he's fine, and he asks the caller - Beryl - how she's doing. Beryl says she's fine, and she asks John if he's found a job yet. John replies that he's still looking. Beryl tells him that he should have taken up Fiona's offer of Assistant Manager at Woombai, but John says, "Not really what I wanted." Beryl then tells him that he'd better hurry up and find out what he does want. John asks why, and Beryl explains about Dee Morrell leaving her a lot of money. She adds that she wants him to think of a small business he might like, and she'll set him up in it. John looks surprised and asks why Dee Morrell would leave Beryl money. Beryl replies that it's to spite a few other people, she suspects, but she's not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. John says it's terrific news. Beryl tells him that she can finally do the things she's always wanted to, for her family.

Amanda wanders towards the front door at Toorak. Wayne comes downstairs and asks her where she's going. Amanda replies that she's going to sit on the verandah and read. Wayne asks if she shouldn't be getting ready for the funeral, but Amanda says there's plenty of time. She then admits that she's not looking forward to it; she loved Dee, despite everything. Wayne just says, "Yeah, sure." He tells Amanda to be ready a bit early, as he wants to pick up Beryl Palmer on the way. Surprised, Amanda asks why. Wayne says it's the nice thing to do. Amanda says, "You're kidding!" but Wayne replies that he wants to give Beryl a lift and that's that. Amanda snaps that she feels uncomfortable with her. Wayne tells her to make an effort - he wants to be pleasant to her.

At Dural, Charlie incredulously asks if Patricia and Stephen got nothing. John says they were bequeathed a painting of Dee! Fiona looks thoughtful as Charlie says, "The old witch! Patricia must be furious..." Fiona chips in that she can't see her being too pleased; Stephen hasn't got too much money of his own. Lisa comes into the room holding a contract, explaining that she got it drawn up straight away. Charlie, apparently disinterested, says, "Oh good..." She then remarks, "Poor Patricia," and says she must ring her and find out the details. Fiona says she's not sure Gordon would appreciate the 'phone bill, and so Charlie decides to pop home and ring from there. Lisa asks about the contract, but Charlie says it can wait until later - she must ring Patricia; at times like this, she needs her best friend. She goes, leaving Lisa looking astonished. Fiona says Charlie is just dying to crow. Lisa says she could have read the thing. John remarks that it's a pity Charlie has to be involved at all. Lisa tells him that if he could provide the backing, she won't have to be. She then says Charlie can read the contract at home, and she leaves to follow her. John, talking to himself, says maybe he could - but it's crazy... Fiona asks what he means, but John just says he's had an idea. Fiona asks what idea, but John ignores this. He thinks to himself for a few seconds and then says, "Why not?!" He gets up and walks out. Fiona calls out, "Johnny..."

Outside, Lisa catches up with Charlie and gives her the contract as John watches. John walks over to Lisa as Charlie wanders off towards her house. Lisa despondently says Charlie is losing interest already. John, though, tells her that she doesn't need Charlie now - he can back her! Lisa asks him what he's talking about, and John replies that his mother wants to set him up in a business. Lisa says, "Patricia?" John explains that he means Beryl, and Lisa says she didn't know she had any money. John replies that it's just been left to her, and she wants to use some of it to help him, so he can back Lisa, and she can ask Charlie to pull out. Lisa says it's unethical, but John reminds her that Charlie's losing interest. Lisa says she just got sidetracked; she'll come back to it. John asks Lisa if she wouldn't rather he backed her. Lisa uncertainly says she's not sure it's a good idea to mix friendship with business. John says it's not if it's all in the family: "You wouldn't object to your husband backing you, would you?" Lisa stares at him, dumbstruck. John continues that he guesses it's not the most romantic way to propose but, "Will you marry me?!"

Back inside, in the hallway, Lisa says it's just that they haven't known each other very long. John says that doesn't matter - he knew the moment he saw her, and he thought it was the same with her. Lisa says she guesses it was. John tells her that he'd have asked her sooner, but he didn't have anything to offer her; now he has. Lisa says, "Talk about springing surprises!" She adds that she can't think straight, but John asks what there is to think about: "We love each other, so let's get married!" Fiona, in the lounge room, hears this, as John has raised his voice. She looks astonished as John continues that he wants to back Lisa in work; she won't have to put up with a nut like Charlie! Lisa says she's not sure - she needs time to think. John looks upset, but agrees. Lisa points out that it's a big step. John asks her not to leave him hanging on too long, and Lisa assures him that as soon as she's had time to think it over, he'll be first to know! They kiss, and Lisa walks off. John goes into the lounge room, where Fiona is standing by the bar, looking at some leaflets. John excitedly tells her that he just asked Lisa to marry him. Fiona flatly says, "So I heard..."

At the Parker house, Tony and Joe are poring over a plan that Tony has drawn of Toorak. Tony tells Joe that it's easy. Joe points out that a place that size is sure to have alarms, but Tony says he knows where they are - he can turn them off. He asks his father if he's got the truck organised. Joe replies that he nicked one this morning; they'll be finished by the time the cops start looking for it. He asks Tony how he can be sure no one's home. Tony reminds him that he showed him the funeral notices; they'll be gone for hours. He then suggests that they'd better start moving. They go out.

Beryl is dressed for the funeral, but David is still wearing his casual clothes. Beryl sharply tells him that he could at least come to the service, but David snaps he didn't even like the woman. Beryl points out that Dee left them a fortune, but David replies, "You a fortune." Beryl says it's theirs. David says he still can't go pretending he liked Dee Morrell. Beryl says she did have a nice side, but David says he didn't see it. He tells Beryl that he'll drive her, but he won't stop. Beryl reluctantly says that's fair enough. She then suggests that they'll have to sit down and talk about what to do with the money, soon. David jokes, "Before you give it all away!" Beryl pointedly says she wants to help the kids. David suggests that she talk to a solicitor or someone, but Beryl asks what about. David says he means about selling her shares in Dee's company. Beryl says she might not want to sell them, but David points out that she'll still need to talk to someone about handling the business side for her. Beryl says she supposes so... David asks her what she knows about business! Beryl says she could learn! They start to head out, but as they open the front door, they find Wayne standing there. He tells Beryl that he thought she might be going to the funeral by herself, so he thought she might need a lift. Beryl explains that David was going to take her, but David chips in that he's just spotted a rolls out there; he can understand if she wants to go in style! Wayne adds that he thought Beryl could help him: Amanda's very upset. Beryl says she doesn't know if she can be of much use, but Wayne tells her that he'd appreciate it if she gave Amanda moral support - help her get through the day. Beryl reluctantly says she supposes. She then says she'll be there in a mo. Wayne goes back to the car, and Beryl testily tells David that she didn't want to go with Wayne. David replies that he didn't know what she wanted to do. Beryl says she'll have to help Amanda, if she can. David warns her not to get sucked in, but Beryl says there's not much chance of that. David says he wouldn't trust Wayne as far as he can throw him. Beryl points out that he was very good to Susan, but David tells her to watch him just the same. Beryl goes.

Burglar alarms are ringing at Toorak, but Tony, who is inside the house, quickly runs and turns them off. He then goes to the 'phone in the hallway. Wearing gloves, he dials a number which he's written on a scrap of paper. The person who answers is Constable Fraser. Tony tells him that 43 Belfield Avenue, Toorak, is being burgled right now. Constable Fraser asks for Tony's name, but Tony doesn't give it, telling him instead just to send some officers round to the house as soon as he can, or it'll be too late. He hangs up. He then goes to the front door and lets Joe in. Joe asks if everything's OK, and Tony says there are no worries. Impressed at the goodies up for grabs, Joe says, "Look at the place...." He then tells Tony to start down there, while he starts upstairs. Tony says he reckons they'll get what they're after... When Joe has gone upstairs, Tony heads out the front door...

A while later, Tony is in the Palmer kitchen, telling his mother and David that as soon as Joe went upstairs, he got out quick smart. David looks thoughtful. Tony continues that he waited across the road 'til the cops turned up and then took off. Alice nervously asks him if he thinks he should have done it - it's a pretty nasty trick to play on anyone. Tony, though, points out that it got the old man out the way; there's no way he'll get bail again - he was out on it already. He adds that he reckons his father will be in the nick for quite a while. Alice says it's an awful thing to do to your own father, but Tony reminds her about all the things that Joe has done to her. David chips in that Tony's right: it's only what Joe deserves. Alice says she supposes so. She then adds that it'll be a relief not to be frightened; to know that he can't do anything to them. Tony excitedly says he reckons he's pretty smart, and David jokes that if his head gets any bigger, it'll burst! Tony tells him that he has to admit it was a good plan. David retorts that, if one of his kids did it to him, he'd skin them alive! Alice looks worried, and she asks what if Joe realises what Tony did - he might try to get him back. Tony says he's in the nick - there's no way. Alice points out that he'll have to come out sometime, and they know how he holds a grudge. Tony says his father won't know he was in on it; he'll just say he got out before the cops turned up. Alice says Joe's no fool. Tony says he'll go and see him tomorrow, and say he got out the back door as the cops came in the front, and didn't have a chance to warn him. David agrees that it sounds reasonable. Tony assures his mother that he'll spin a good yarn - Joe will believe him. He adds that she's to stop worrying - by the time his father comes out, they'll be miles away - Joe will never be able to find them. Alice looks worried.

John is cleaning the pool at Dural when Lisa wanders out to join him. He asks her how her think session went. Lisa says, "OK." John then asks her if she's come up with any answers. Lisa nods and says, "Yes."

Inside, in the lounge room, Lisa tells John that she doesn't believe in becoming financially committed to someone she's emotionally involved with - she's seen what can happen; she doesn't want it to spoil their relationship. She adds that John couldn't help but feel some resentment if the collection collapsed and he lost his money. John pours mineral waters for the two of them as he tells Lisa that he can accept that, but why not marry him? Lisa replies that she hasn't said she won't - she just doesn't want to be rushed. John says he thought she loved him. Lisa replies that he knows she does, but maybe she's not ready to get married yet; she wants to devote all her energies to her career, not have it cut short by having kids. John says they don't have to have kids for years, but Lisa asks why get married then - they're fine as they are. John says he thought it might be nice to make it something more permanent. Lisa looks at him and tells him that he's just an old-fashioned boy at heart. John says he guesses so! Lisa asks him if he understands, and John says, "Sure." They hug, but Lisa looks worried.

Beryl arrives home and David asks how it went. Beryl says it was sad, and David says he supposes most funerals are. Beryl, though, explains that she didn't mean it like that - it was sad that not many people seemed to care; not that there were many there - and Amanda was only one that cried. David points out that Dee Morrell didn't do a lot to make people like her. Beryl says Stephen looked a bit strained; she thinks he felt more than he showed. David says he bets Pat was still fuming. Beryl replies that she was wearing a veil - probably so no one could see her scowling! David laughs and says it's good to see her get her comeuppance. Beryl says she'll end up back on top - her type always does. David then says Wayne didn't do too bad out of it. Beryl replies that he was very pleasant today, and David says he supposes he has to be - Beryl and Margaret are equal partners in the business with him. Changing the subject, Beryl asks if Tony and Alice are around. David says they're in the kitchen, and he adds that Tony has a pretty wild story to tell her, too. Beryl says, "Oh?" David tells her that he thinks the Morrells are in for a bit of a shock when they get home from the funeral...

At Toorak, Wayne is coming downstairs, accompanied by a policeman, and the policeman is asking Wayne if he's sure there's nothing missing. Wayne says it doesn't look like it. The policeman says he thought there may have been an accomplice who gave them the slip. Wayne says he'll double-check later, but it looks like everything's in its place. The policeman then asks Wayne if he has any idea who could have given the the tip-off, but Wayne says he hasn't, and he suggests that it was probably just a passer-by who saw him breaking in. The policeman says it's a shame the person didn't give his name - there could have been a reward in it for them. Wayne agrees that they could certainly have done something. He thanks the policeman, who goes. Wayne shuts the door and Amanda emerges from the lounge room to give him a drink. She comments that Patricia and Stephen would have flipped - this is the second time they've been broken into. Wayne says it's just as well they didn't come straight home - seeing a policeman on the doorstep might have been too much for them after the funeral - not that he thought they seemed particuarly grief-stricken. Amanda snaps that Stephen was upset - he just doesn't like showing his emotions in public, that's all. Wayne tells Amanda that she did very well - that was quite an act she put on for Beryl. Amanda snaps that she didn't put an act on for Beryl or anyone else. Wayne hurriedly says, "OK, OK..." They both go into the lounge room, where Wayne tells Amanda that the main thing is that Beryl was touched by her devotion for dear old Dee. They sit down, and Amanda asks Wayne why he cares what Beryl thinks. Wayne replies that they need to hedge their bets: they've got things sewn up pretty nicely, but the game isn't over yet. Amanda asks him what he means, and Wayne tells her that they've got four months to concieve a son - and no guarantee it'll actually happen. Amanda asks what they can do about it. In reply, Wayne smiles and asks what Beryl and Margaret have done to deserve the money they're getting. He answers his own question: "Nothing." He then continues, "You and I are going to rip them off for as much as we can." Amanda asks, "How?" Wayne says, "As long as we get Beryl on-side, there are plenty of legal ways to do it." He smiles nastily and adds, "Just leave it to me..."


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