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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A look of resignation crosses Patricia's face, and after a few seconds she mutters that she doesn't have any choice. Stephen points out that she has two choices. Patricia thinks for a moment and then gives in and says she'll come to Woombai. Stephen tells her that it's not a fight, and Patricia remarks that she supposes not, now that she's given in. She adds that there's no way she's ever forgiving John and Angela for what they've done to her, but for his sake, she'll go along with him. Stephen tells her that it's not so bad. They start kissing passionately.

At Woombai, Doug remarks to Rosie that it's a shocking thing. Rosie agrees and comments that Brian was so young; from what Fiona said, he was a lovely boy. Doug remarks on him coming all that way to start a new life, and Rosie adds that he was so brave - saving Fiona's life when her house burnt down... Wayne comes into the room and Rosie asks how Jill is. He replies that she's sleeping. Doug suggests that the least they could do would be to make the funeral arrangements, but Wayne tells him that Jill wants to organise them herself - they'll head to Sydney in the morning. Rosie suggests that Jill would be better up there with them, but Wayne explains that she's got other reasons for wanting to leave - personal reasons; he adds that he's sorry they made the trip for nothing. Rosie assures him that it's alright, and she tells Wayne that Jill's a lucky girl to have him with her.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Amanda tells Charlie that she's glad she's got most of the morning to get ready. She adds that she's looking forward to seeing Phillipe this afternoon, but Charlie points out that they're only going to a movie. Amanda retorts that it's a start - and she then adds that it's better than Charlie's done with him. Charlie curtly replies that she'll do better than a cinema. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Amanda heads off to have a shower, leaving Charlie to answer it. As soon as she hears the STD pips, she concludes that it's Patricia calling - and it is! Charlie immediately tells her that her new stepdaughter is a pain, and Patricia asks what she's done. Charlie replies that she's chasing after a gorgeous Frenchman and taking him out. She then adds that at least Patricia has got her man. Patricia, though, replies that she's not too popular at the moment: she had a fight with John and Angela and wanted to teach them a lesson they'd never forget, but Stephen wouldn't have a bar of it - they're going to Woombai this morning and she can't do much about it because she doesn't want to lose him. She then continues that there's something Charlie can do for her. Charlie asks what, and Patricia continues that Paul Sheppard has the insane idea of buying a baby for Angela. Charlie, looking taken aback, remarks, "How macabre..." Patricia continues that she doesn't think Angela is too keen on the idea and it seems to be putting a strain on their relationship; it could mean the end of it. Charlie asks if Angela will go back to Rob, and Patricia replies that it's on the cards - and that's why she wants Charlie to make sure Rob isn't there. Charlie asks what that will achieve. Patricia replies that Angela will know what it's like to be really on her own. Charlie suggests that that's being a bit hard, but Patricia tells Charlie to believe her: Angela and John are going to be very sorry for what they've done to her... Charlie says she doesn't see what she can do about Rob - he needs someone to keep his mind occupied and she won't fit the bill. Something suddenly appears to occur to her, though, and she smiles as she says there might be someone who does...

Lynn and Kevin run downstairs at The Terrace, Lynn calling, "Come on, Kevin - we'll be late." Rob comes out of the kitchen and remarks that they must be pretty excited - it'll be good to have Davey back again. There's a sudden knock at the front door and as Lynn and Kevin rush out, they open it. Charlie is standing there, and she asks to see Phillipe. Lynn tells her that she and Kevin are going to the hospital to pick up Davey. They go out and Charlie goes in. Rob tells her that Phillipe is in the kitchen. Charlie remarks to him that it's so nice to see two young people who care so much about their child. Rob agrees and says they're good kids. Charlie then comments that it makes what Paul and Angela are doing seem pretty awful. Rob looks puzzled and asks her what she means. Charlie replies that she's talking about them buying a baby - and while Angela is still going on with marriage counselling as well; she and Paul are virtually starting a family. Rob looks shocked, and says, "You're joking." Charlie, looking completely innocent, asks Rob if he didn't know about it. Rob points out that it's illegal, but Charlie tells him that it isn't the way they've got it worked out. She explains about paying the mother to get Paul's name put on the birth certificate, and Rob, looking incredulous, says he can't believe it. Charlie apologises for being the one to tell him, and she adds that it seems as though he and Angela are finished. Rob says he never thought otherwise. Charlie tells him that it's time he started living a bit: Amanda hasn't stopped talking about him since she met him. Rob looks surprised and says he thought Amanda had her eye on Phillipe. Charlie smiles and says Amanda knows who he belongs to...! She leaves Rob to it and heads into the kitchen, closing the door behind her. Phillipe is preparing food as Charlie tells him that she's got wonderful news for him: she's going to make him a star! Phillipe replies that he doesn't want to be a star, but Charlie ignores this and tells him that she's spoken to Dennis Tremaine - the most influential writer in Melbourne as far as food goes; he wants to meet Phillipe at Patricia's house at two o'clock this afternoon to do an article on him. Phillipe smiles and says that's wonderful, but he can't as he's supposed to be taking Amanda out this afternoon. Charlie says she'll talk to her - she's sure Amanda wouldn't want to hold back his career. Phillipe replies that if she's sure it'll be alright... She smiles and says, "Darling boy - leave everything to Charlie!"

Tony and David are out in the bush, and Tony remarks that there's nothing like a real cup of tea; he throws the dregs of his billy tea away and says he can't be doing with it! He then asks what Woombai is like, and David replies that it's a property. Tony asks if they can sleep in real beds, and David laughs and tells him that people pay money to stay there, so they'll have real beds! Tony then asks if there's telly and if they can play records. David tells him that it's not out in the middle of the desert - it's made for softies, so he'll love it! As they pick up their things, Tony tells David that it's good to see him laughing again. David smiles and says he hasn't felt so good for a long time. They get in the truck.

Doug is sitting snoozing in an armchair in the lounge room at Woombai when Patricia and Stephen walk in. He doesn't stir as Patricia, looking annoyed, turns to Stephen and asks what he's doing there. Stephen asks who he is, and Patricia explains that it's David Palmer's father. Rosie suddenly comes in and stops in her tracks when she sees who's standing there. Patricia immediately snaps, "Oh crikey, not you as well!" They simultaneoulsy ask each other what they're doing there, but Stephen interrupts the hostilities to re-introduce himself, reminding Rosie that they met at Gordon and Barbara's wedding. Rosie asks him what he and Patricia are doing there, but Patricia snaps that it's none of her business. Stephen courteously explains that he and Gordon have bought into the property, and Rosie cooly remarks that that's nice. Patricia tells Rosie that, now that they're there, she and Doug will have to move across to the guest house. Rosie retorts that Fiona invited them to stay there - they're not moving. Stephen tells Patricia that they can go to the guest house - it makes no difference. He picks up the bags and starts to head out. When Patricia doesn't move, he turns and asks her if she's coming. Rosie smiles and tells Patricia that it's nice to see someone's got her jumping for a change! Patricia looks furious.

In the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Wayne asks Jill if she's OK. Jill replies that she's never had to organise a funeral before. Wayne points out that he could have done it, but Jill tells him that he's done enough by paying for it. Wayne says Brian was his friend too. Jill comments that it's a pity Fiona had to go away - she really liked Brian. She continues that she's not going to play the grieving widow or anything, but it would have been nice to contact his family in Ireland; he was such a nice person... Wayne, looking awkward, tells Jill that it mightn't be the right time to say this - he doesn't want it to sound terrible - but now that Jill's not...; now that she's free...; he wanted to say that, if she could ever consider becoming his wife, it would mean more to him than anything in the world. He adds that there's no pressure, and it's stupid to say it properly, but if he ever could, he would really like to marry her. Jill smiles and says she understands. She thanks Wayne and tells him that, although the timing is a bit strange, she understands. She continues that it could happen, but he shouldn't count on it. Wayne nods.

Rosie is folding a sheet in the living room at Woombai when Terry comes in. He asks if he can use the 'phone to call for a part for one of the tractors. Rosie agrees, and he walks over to the 'phone and dials. As he waits for the call to be answered, Rosie asks him how the job is working out, and Terry replies that it's certainly better than the garage! The 'phone at the other end is engaged and so Terry hangs up. Rosie asks him if he's met Gordon yet, but Terry says he hasn't - only Wayne. He then adds that he never thought he'd end up working there. Rosie asks why, and Terry replies that, when he was a kid, he was told never to come near the place; he remembers once, he was riding his bike over near the Reid place and he broke the chain; old Mr. Reid helped him fix it, but his parents went on about it and told him never to go near the place again. Rosie remarks that the Reids were such a nice couple. She tells Terry that this will be the best move he's made. Terry says they'll see. He goes.

David's truck pulls up at the entrance to Woombai, and Tony laughs that it's nice to see the place is for real. He gets out to open the gate, leaving David sitting in the cab, looking around at the scenery. As he does so, though, he suddenly spots Patricia in the distance, out riding. Patricia herself then spots David sitting in his truck, and the two of them stare at each other for several seconds. Patricia then rides off. Tony gets back in the cab and, seeing the look on David's face, asks what's up. David tells him that it's Patricia - it looks like she's staying there. He snaps, "So much for a relaxing holiday."

A short time later, in the lounge room at the homestead, David curses that he came there to get away from it all and who's the first person he sees?: bloody Patricia. Rosie tells him that she and her new husband are staying at the guest house, and she adds that he should have seen the way Patricia did what she was told! She then suggests that David should have a go at her while he's there, but David says there's no sense in sinking to her level. He continues that he came there for a rest: that doesn't include Patricia in any way.

Outside, Tony walks over to where Terry is sitting in the back of his ute, cleaning a rifle. Tony introduces himself and explains that he's up from Melbourne for a few days, with a mate. He asks if there's much to do round there, and Terry replies that it depends what you're after. Looking at the gun, Tony remarks that it's a top rifle. Terry explains that he uses it for shooting rabbits. Tony asks if he can have a go, but Terry tells him that it's not loaded - plus, someone from the city like Tony wouldn't know how to use it properly! He puts it down in the back of his ute and walks off. Tony lingers, looking at the weapon lying there unattended...

Stephen is sitting in the reception area at the riding school when Patricia comes in and asks him what he's doing. He replies that he's making a few notes of things to do when he gets back to Sydney. Patricia tells him that she wants to leave straight away: she's just seen David. Stephen, looking annoyed, snaps that he's not going to pack up just because she's seen David, and he tells her to stay out out of David's way by going for a walk or going into town. Patricia asks what if he's talked to John and Angela - he'll enjoy making her feel ridiculous; she couldn't cope with that. Stephen snaps that she's behaving like a spoiled brat. He tells her that he's fed up with all this nonsense and he wants her to act like a human being for once.

At Toorak, Amanda shows Charlie the outfit she's decided to wear for her date with Phillipe. Charlie remarks that she's a bit overdressed for a movie, but Amanda asks who knows what follows... She then says she hopes Charlie won't be too bored. Charlie smiles and says she'll find something to occupy her...

A while later, at The Terrace, Amanda angrily asks what Rob means when he says Phillipe's not there. Rob explains that the chef is off with some writer; Charlie organised it - he thought she would have told Amanda. Amanda sarcastically says it must have slipped her mind... She then adds that Charlie has won this time and she's made a complete fool of herself - she was really looking forward to the movies, too. Rob remarks that it looks as if she's dressed for a restaurant. Amanda says she was hoping that might follow... She then curses about the waste of the day, but Rob tells her that it doesn't have to be a waste - he'll take her to the pictures. Amanda thinks for a moment and then says, "Why not?" Rob runs upstairs to grab his jacket. Amanda smiles to herself.

A few moments later, Rob runs back downstairs. Lynn, who's out in the hallway, tells him and Amanda to have a good time. Amanda says they will, and she drags Rob outside! Back inside, Lynn joins Kevin in the kitchen. He's poring over some pieces of paper on the table, and he asks Lynn if she's seen the hospital bills. Lynn agrees that they sure know how to charge. Kevin then says he's sorry to ask, but can she pay for it out of her savings? Lynn agrees, and says that, when they get the money back from the health fund, they can pay it into her account. Kevin, though, says there's a problem: they don't have any medical cover - he didn't keep it up after she went off with Davey, and he forgot about it when she got back. Lynn, looking worried, says she can see how it happened. Kevin tells her that they can take some more insurance out tomorrow, as it could get pretty expensive if they have to get special treament for Davey later on. Lynn says she doesn't think it'll be that bad, but Kevin snaps at her that she can't keep pretending nothing's wrong. Lynn reluctantly says she knows. They hug.

In the grounds at Woombai, Tony is fidding with an old cartwheel. He then walks over to Terry's ute, looking around as he does so to make sure no one is about. He lifts the rifle out and starts examining it.

The receptionist at the riding school is talking to Terry, who is asking her for a date! Rosie comes in and asks if either of them have seen Tony. The receptionist says he hasn't been round there. Terry comments that Tony said he wanted to shoot up the whole town! Rosie, looking worried, asks him what he means. Terry explains that Tony was interested in his rifle - but he told him it wasn't loaded, even thought it was; it soon put him off. He asks if they can imagine what Tony would be like: a kid from the city - he wouldn't know which end to hold! Rosie snaps that that's not the point - all guns are dangerous.

Patricia is out walking in the grounds. Elsewhere in the grounds, Tony is still holding the rifle and he mockingly aims it at nothing in particular and makes the sound of an explosion with his mouth, pretending to shoot at something. Patricia continues to walk, oblivious to Tony's antics. Tony suddenly spots her in the distance and mutters, "I'll get her for you, Dave." He points the rifle at Patricia and looks through the sight, aiming straight at her head. He then pulls the trigger. A shot rings out and Patricia drops to the ground...


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