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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

A short while later, Peter is sitting at the kitchen table, staring into a cup of coffee. Angela notices that he hasn't touched it, and she asks if he'd like another one, but Peter, who is still crying, says he'll be alright. He then sobs that Angela can kick him out if he's in the way. Angela, though, says he knows better than that. Peter says he was going to go round to Kevin's place, but he doesn't think Kevin's parents will be too happy to see him after what's happened. Angela tells him that they're not blaming him. Peter says his Dad won't even listen; he kept telling him that it was all his fault. Angela repeats that it isn't. Peter sobs that he forgot to fix the latch on the gate... he didn't think it was so important... how's he going to tell that to the kid's parents? Angela asks if he's seen them yet, but Peter replies that he couldn't face them. He adds that he's heard they don't blame him, though. Angela says, "See?" She then adds that neither will Martin once he's cooled down. Peter, though, sobs that he was the last one to use the swimming pool and he forgot to close the gate. Angela tells him to stop being so hard on himself, and she suggests that he stay with her and Rob, as it might make things easier. Peter says he didn't like to ask, but Angela tells him there's no problem - the spare room is all made up. She starts to walk off, but Peter calls out, "Angela?" Angela stops, and Peter says, "Thankyou." Angela replies, "We're family, aren't we?"

The next morning, Martin is reading the newspaper at the living room table when Jen comes in and asks where Peter is. Martin says he has no idea. Jen remarks that Peter's bed hasn't been slept in, and she heard the two of them arguing last night. Martin curtly says Peter will come home when it suits him - it was his choice to leave. Jen asks her father if he doesn't care. Martin looks up from his paper and replies that Peter isn't worth worrying about. Jen goes over to the 'phone and starts dialling a number. Martin asks her what she's doing, and she replies that Kevin will know where he is. Martin orders her to put the 'phone down, but she keeps dialling. Martin then gets up from his seat and sharply repeats that he told her to put it down. Jen retorts that Peter is her brother. Martin glares at her and then snaps at her to do what she likes - he's ashamed of them both.

Angela is serving breakfast to Rob, who asks how come every time he comes home from a trip, she's taken in another boarder? Angela tells him that it'll just be for one night, but Rob replies that he reckons they should open a motel instead of a coffee shop! He then asks how come Peter came there - he thought he was Kevin's mate. Angela points out that she is his half-sister - plus she doesn't think he wanted to bother David and Beryl. Rob sympathetically says it's a terrible thing to have to live with - he nearly hit a kid on a skateboard once, when he was driving his truck; he doesn't know what he would have done if he had hit him. He pauses, and Angela takes the opportunity to ask if she's forgiven. Rob says, "Yeah!" and they hug. Peter suddenly comes in, and Angela asks him if he slept well. He replies that he got ten hours straight! Angela offers him some scrambled eggs, and Peter says that would be great! He then turns to Rob and tells him that he's lucky he wasn't there last night or he would have had to have coped with the waterworks! Rob agrees that he is lucky, adding that Angela handles that stuff better than him. Peter sits down and asks Rob if he likes the new paint job. Rob enthuses that it's great! Peter remarks that he's so hungry he could eat a horse!

Doug, Kevin, David and Beryl are sitting in the Palmer kitchen, at breakfast. Kevin, who's looking at the paper, remarks that there's nothing in it but ads. David tells him that he's not looking hard enough - surely someone's out on strike! Doug snaps at Kevin, asking him if Beryl's never told him not to read at the table. Kevin, though, says he's not reading - he's looking for something: a Midnight Oil concert - Peter wants him to book tickets, but everything's ads for nighties and toasters... Doug points out that that's because Mother's Day's coming up! He looks at Beryl, who laughs and says it feels like they've only just had it - she remembers last Mother's Day clear as a bell. Doug asks if she got some nice presents, but Beryl laughs and says he's got to be joking - she's lucky if she gets a cup of tea in bed! She continues that, last Mother's Day, Doug's great lump of a son fell off the ladder while painting the gutters! David chips in that he nearly broke his neck! Kevin interjects in the discussion to ask for the car keys, as he's going into town to see if he can get tickets there. Beryl reminds him not to forget his 'P' plates! Kevin goes. Beryl then asks Doug and David to adjourn to the lounge, so she can do the washing. The two men duly take their cups of tea into the lounge room, and Beryl closes the kitchen doors behind them. When he's sure Beryl can't overhear, Doug asks David if its true that she doesn't even get a cup of tea in bed on Mother's Day. David, though, says yeah, they give her cup of tea, and he asks why the question. Doug replies that he thought she was just pulling his leg - every Mum gets breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. David replies, "Not Beryl," adding that they give her a cup of tea in bed and then she gets up and makes breakfast; she hates eating in bed. Doug asks if they don't do anything else for her? David replies that he used to when the kids were little, but he got sick of it. Doug asks what Beryl says about it, but David tells him, "I don't know; nothing. Don't do Father's Day, either." Doug points out that Mother's Day is different - it's the one day of the year where the woman gets looked after; it doesn't have to be breakfast in bed, just something to let her know she's appreciated. David asks if Doug means a present like some flowers, and then asks who's going to pay for that? Doug says they'll all chip in. He asks David what he thinks Beryl would like, but David says they'll have to ask her. He calls out, "Beryl!" but Doug quickly tells him that they can't ask her - it's meant to be a surprise. David points out that they've got to get her something she really needs, but Doug says that would spoil the surprise. Beryl comes in from the kitchen and asks them what they want. Doug blusters that David wants another cup of tea. In response, Beryl folds her arms and tells him that he knows how to make it; he's not helpless. She goes back to the kitchen, leaving David to say sarcastically to his father, "Thanks a lot!" Doug tells David to leave it all to him - he'll organise something nice and have the whole family in on it; he'll cook a big dinner for everyone. David incredulously says, "You?!" Doug indignantly says he can just see the look on Beryl's face! David nods and laughs!

Angela is on the 'phone to Jen, and she tells her that Peter's putting on a pretty brave front in the circumstances. Jen asks if she can talk to him, and Angela agrees, but warns her not to let him know that she's upset, as it'll make him feel worse. She opens the back door and calls to Peter, who's in the backyard. He comes in and Angela leaves him and Jen to it. Peter picks up the 'phone and jokes that it took Jen long enough to find him! Jen, looking upset, says he coud have left a note or something. Peter, though, replies that it was a bit hard after the yelling match... He asks if Martin is there, and Jen says he's in his room. She then Peter asks what happened with him and Martin. Peter sourly replies that he's to blame for just about everything Jen can think of. Jen says, "Join the club..." She then asks if Martin kicked Peter out. Peter asks if that's what his father told her, but Jen says he told her that Peter ran away. Peter retorts that there wasn't much point hanging around. Jen suddenly cries out to him to please come home - she doesn't want to be stuck there with him by herself. Peter asks what he's done, but Jen cries that there's nothing specific; he's just so different, that's all - he said she wasn't allowed to look for Peter; he said some horrible things. Peter listens and then says he'll be home in a couple of hours. He asks Jen if she can hang on 'til then, and she replies, "Sure." Peter asks her not to tell his father that he's coming back; they'll work out what to do when they meet. He hangs up, looking worried.

Out in the backyard, Rob is knocking up a signboard for the coffee shop, and he asks Angela if she still wants it called 'The Terrace'. Angela distantly says, "Yeah." Rob then adds that he still reckons they ought to put 'Coffee Shop' on it, or people won't know what it is. When Angela doesn't reply, Rob distracts her and comments that she was miles away. Angela sourly says Martin ought to be put away. Rob says, "Your Dad?" but Angela immediately snaps at him not to call him that. Rob points out that you can't choose your relatives. Angela retorts that Martin tried to stop Jen looking for Peter this morning; the poor kid's terrified - they've got to do something. Rob says, "No, we don't." Angela, though, says she does - they're her family. Rob tells her that she hardly knows them - they're having a rough trot, but they'll get over it. Angela, looking annoyed, snaps, "Rough trot?" Rob reiterates that he thinks they should stay well out of it - she said she wanted nothing to do with them from the start; it would be better to leave it that way. Angela thinks for a moment and then says, "No - someone's got to tell him what they think of him; might as well be me." She goes inside. Rob calls out exasperatedly, "Angie..." When she doesn't respond, he sighs heavily.

A while later, at the Healy house, Angela tells Martin that Peter has said his father won't even talk to him. Martin irritatedly says he can imagine what else he's been saying; he supposes he's the villain of the piece? Angela snaps, "Aren't you?" Martin snaps that of course he is - he's responsible for all Peter's mistakes. Angela snaps that she didn't say that. Martin angrily rants that he's such a bad father that Peter had no choice except to drown a little girl; now that makes sense. Angela snaps at him to stop it, but Martin continues that, after what Peter did, it's no wonder he sent her round there, soft-soaping him. Angela yells that Peter didn't send her, and and he didn't do anything; he had a terrible shock. Martin yells back that so have the child's parents; did that ever occur to him? Angela yells that Peter is going round to see them today. Martin snaps that he'll believe that when he sees it. Angela asks him why he won't give Peter a break. Martin yells that his kids have had all the breaks - maybe that's just the problem: they've had everything too easy. He then angrily asks Angela why she came there if Peter didn't send her around to poke her nose in. Angela snaps that she thought she could help. Martin angrily asks if that's why she came barging in there, telling him how to run his family. Angela snaps that she shouldn't have bothered. Martin sarcastically replies that he thinks it's very touching to see she's keen to get to know him at last; better late than never. Angela snaps back that she doesn't care if she never sees his face again. Martin retorts that Angela invited herself in there; she knows the way out. Angela glares at him and walks off. Martin smiles nastily.

At Woombai, Paul and Bridgette MacArthur, are riding horses towards the Reid house. Patricia and Margaret are standing next to a nearby fence, saddling up a couple of horses and talking. Patricia watches as the two riders approach, and Margaret wistfully says she wishes she'd learnt to ride when she was younger - horses are such wonderful animals. Patricia agrees that she's always thought so. Looking at Paul, Margaret asks Patricia why she's never told her about him. Patricia looks at her sharply, and shrugs before saying there's nothing much to tell: his name's Paul Sheppard, he works there, and they don't like each other. Margaret asks why. Patricia replies that it's bad chemistry. Margaret comments that surely there's more to it than that. She then adds that Patricia gets so nervous when he's around, and asks if there's any sort of trouble between them. Patricia just replies that they've had 'dealings' with each other. Margaret tells her sister that if there's anything she can do to help... Patricia suddenly remarks that Paul spends a lot of time with Bridgette. Margaret replies that they're good friends. Patricia continues that she knows Bridgette's family - they've got money coming out of their ears. Margaret remarks that that's always useful. Patricia nastily replies that it depends what you use it for...

A short while later, Bridgette is sitting in the reception area at the Reid House when Patricia comes in and sits down. She nonchalantly says to Bridgette that she hopes she's not disturbing her. Bridgette doesn't reply, but does yawn and say, "Excuse me!" Patricia replies that it's the fresh air - it gets to you eventually! Bridgette asks Patricia if she rode this morning, and Patricia says she did. She then tells Bridgette that she watched her this morning, and she thinks she's very good - lovely to watch. Bridgette immediately comments that so is Paul. Patricia takes out a cigarette and lights it before remarking that Paul is a good looking boy. Bridgette jokes, "Hands off!" Patricia laughs and assures her that she has no worrries there, as they're old friends. Bridgette, looking surprised, says Paul didn't tell her. Patricia smiles and explains that they're not exactly on the best of terms at the moment - all that money business; she doesn't think he handled it particularly well. Bridgette looks puzzled and says, "Oh?" Patricia, feigning surprise, asks if Paul didn't tell her. Bridgette says, "No," and Patricia replies that perhaps she shouldn't say anything, then. Bridgette quickly says she won't tell anyone, and so Patricia tells her that Paul inherited a controlling interest in Ramberg, but sold all his shares and gave the money to charity. Bridgette, looking astounded, says, "You're kidding?" Patricia continues that Paul thought it was tainted or something; he's not exactly stable. Bridgette comments that he's got some money coming to him, hasn't he? Patricia replies that, yes, he has the trust fund - but it won't be much use to him if he loses the case. On hearing this, Bridgette tells Patricia that she's going a bit fast for her. Patricia says she's sorry, and she then explains that she means the assault charge - Paul tried to strangle somebody.

Wayne arrives at the Healy house and Jen lets him in. He asks if he'll get his head bitten off, but Jen tells him that he's safe - Martin's gone out! Wayne sourly remarks that he hopes he was in a better mood, but Jen says he was worse - he's impossible; something happened between him and Peter last night. She offers Wayne a drink, but he declines, explaining that he can't stay long as he's got to catch a flight this afternoon. Jen remarks, "What I wouldn't give to go with you; Dad wouldn't be there." Wayne asks if it's that bad, and Jen replies that she doesn't think he loves them anymore. The two of them go into the living room, and Wayne comments that the situation is a bit heavy. Jen tells him that Martin says he's ashamed of her and Peter. Wayne assures her that it'll pass, but Jen bitterly says everything has changed. Wayne asks her why she doesn't get away - for a holiday, by herself. Jen replies that she hasn't got enough money. Wayne tells her that he'll shout her, so she can have some time by herself. Jen retorts that she's got time alone at home - Martin's not exactly falling over himself to talk to her; that's why she felt lousy when Peter didn't come home last night - she felt so lonely.

Patricia is on the 'phone at the Reid House, and she asks the person on the other end to just get to the point. The person is Wayne, who tells Patricia that he's not doing any more of her dirty work for her - the Healy kids aren't bothering her, so she can leave them alone. Patricia snaps that she never said they were bothering her - it's their father she can't stand. Wayne retorts that she's got what she wanted: they're as miserable as hell, so she doesn't need his help. Patricia sarcastically says to Wayne not to tell her that he's actually feeling sorry for somebody? Wayne asks what's wrong with that? He then continues that he's coming to Sydney this afternoon on business; he'll call her from there. Patricia asks what time his 'business' will be finished. Wayne replies that he doesn't know; probably late tomorrow. Patricia tells him that she'll see him at Woombai tomorrow night, then - she thinks they need to talk. She hangs up and looks thoughtful.

In the kitchen at Rob and Angela's, Doug animatedly tells David and Rob that the snags will be sizzling on the barbecue, they'll have egg and spoon races... David interrupts and says it sounds like his old school fete! Rob chips in that he reckons it's too much for Mum's Day, but Doug tells him that it's for Beryl, not him. David tells his father that Beryl won't want racing in the back yard - she'll want to relax. Doug says she doesn't have to join in - she can watch. Rob suggests that they just have a good family barbecue and leave it at that - an idea with which David agrees. Doug indignantly spouts that they wouldn't know how to throw a decent do. David assures him that Beryl will have a good time - no worries. The front door suddenly opens and Angela comes in. Doug suggests to Rob and David that they ask her what she thinks. Angela joins them and asks where Peter is. Rob replies that he just left. Doug then asks Angela what she'd prefer: a couple of tired old chops on a barbecue or a rip-roaring party with a lot of mates? Rob adds that it's for Mother's Day, and Angela asks when it is. Doug tells her that it's next Sunday, and he adds that she and Rob are invited. David chips in that the whole town will be invited if Doug has his way! He adds that a good old family barbie is the best thing. Rob adds that he agrees. Angela doesn't say anything, though; she just stands there, in silence. Rob picks up a letter that's lying on the table tells her that the police are after him: he's got to lodge a statement at the police station about Paul. Angela says that must mean the hearing's coming up. Rob replies that it's next week. Doug asks what this is all about, and Rob explains that it's the bloke who tried to bash Wayne Hamilton; he made a bit of trouble there. Doug says he remembers - he'll get what's coming to him. Rob tells Angela that he's sorry - he can't get out of it. Angela, though, asks why he'd want to. Rob points out that Paul used to be a friend. Angela tells him that she doesn't care - he's got no choice. She looks upset, though.

Patricia gets off her horse outside the Reid House and Paul storms over and snaps that he wants to talk to her. He then asks what she said to Bridgette. Patricia 'innocently' says, "What?" Paul asks why she's leaving so early. Patricia asks why she should know, but Paul angrily retorts that she must have said something; Bridgette mentioned her name. Patricia appears to think for a moment and then 'recalls' that, yes, Bridgette asked her a few questions about his background; she wasn't going to lie on his behalf. Paul angrily asks Patricia what she told Bridgette, but Patricia replies that she really doesn't remember - something about him being a bit unbalanced. Paul raises his hand as if to hit her, and Patricia takes a step back. A smile suddenly crosses Paul's face, though, as a rider passes by. He tells Patricia that she nearly had him - witness and all. Patricia tells him that she doesn't know what he's talking about, but Paul replies that it doesn't matter what she does - she's not going to make him jeopardise his case; when he goes into court next week, he's going to be as clean as a whistle, because, if he's in prison, he can't hurt her - "...and believe me: I'm going to hurt you." He storms off. Patricia looks after him, thoughtfully.

Peter and Jen are in the living room at the Healy house, and Jen tells Peter to ring if anything goes wrong. Peter assures her that nothing will go wrong. Jen says she hopes Martin gets home before the cab gets there. Peter tells her that he reckons she should leave him a note, but Jen snaps that she's not sneaking out. She then tells Peter that she wishes he'd come with her, as Aunty Cath's dying to see him. Peter, though, says to tell her that he'll come another time. He asks Jen how long she thinks she'll stay, but Jen says she doesn't know; probably 'til he rings and says the coast is clear. Peter jokes that that could be years! Jen laughs half-heartedly. The two of them suddenly hear the front door shut, and Peter looks round. Jen says she'd prefer to see Martin alone, as Peter being there will just make it worse. She adds that she'll ring him tonight, and they hug. Jen tells Peter that she'll miss him. Peter replies that he'll miss her, too. Martin enters the room, and Jen tells Peter to go. Peter tells Jen to call him if she needs him. He goes. Jen then turns to Martin and tells him that she's going away - Aunty Cath said she could stay at her place for a bit. Martin curtly asks how she's getting there. Jen replies that she'll catch the train. Martin asks her if she needs any money, but Jen says she doesn't. Martin tells her to give Cath his love. Jen ignores this and asks whether, when she comes back, she should look for somewhere else to live. Martin snaps to do what she likes. Jen replies that she wants to stay there. Martin snaps to stay there, then. Jen, though, cries that she can't if he's going to treat her like this. Martin says, "Your home." Jen sighs and says she thought he didn't want her there. Martin replies that someone's got to keep an eye on her. Jen sighs again, and then says she's rung a cab and she'll wait outside. She picks up her bag and tells Martin that she'll see him when she sees him. She goes out, leaving Martin standing there looking annoyed. After a few seconds, he walks over to the window and looks out. He suddenly spots something and strides outside, purposefully.

Peter is using a screwdriver to fix the gate. Martin approaches his son and sarcastically says it's a bit late now - it's a pity he couldn't have done it when he asked him to. Peter doesn't respond, but keeps on working. Martin continues the sarcasm, saying, "Not difficult, is it? Quite the little handyman when you put your mind to it." Peter keeps ignoring his father as he continues that he'll go and get Mr. and Mrs. Watson from next door; let them see what a good job he's doing. Peter mutters, "Whatever you like." Martin asks Peter what the Watsons said when he saw them: did he tell them how upset he was that he killed their little girl? Or hasn't he had the guts to go and see them? Annoyed at his father's constant sniping, Peter throws down the screwdriver, stands up and starts walking back to the house, snapping, "Do it yourself - I can't do anything right." Martin grabs hold of him, though, and grapples him back toward the gate, yelling, "You haven't seen them, have you? You've been too busy visiting your friends." Peter yells at his father to keep away from him, but Martin keeps pushing and saying, "You want a fight, do you?" They keep struggling, Martin continuing to push at Peter, until they end up by the swimming pool. Martin suddenly lashes out and throws Peter into the water. He initially goes under, but when he surfaces, Martin continues his tirade, shouting that he thinks Peter needs to cool off. Peter starts swimming to the side of the pool where Martin is standing, but Martin sarcastically yells, "Don't you like the water?" Peter puts his hands on the side to lift himself out, but, as he does so, Martin kicks out with his foot, catching Peter on the side of the face and forcing him back into the water with a gasp of shock. When he recovers slightly, he cries out, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Kevin gets out of his car outside the Healy house. He sees Jen standing by the side of the road and asks her where she's going. She explains that she's going to visit her Aunty, and get away from Martin. She adds that, if Kevin wants Peter, he's round the back. She advises that he shouldn't go through the house, though, as Martin is in a lousy mood. Kevin walks off.

Peter is swimming to another side of the pool, but Martin is following him round, taunting, "It's not much fun, is it?" Peter reaches out to the side with his hand, but Martin is standing there. As Peter goes to climb out, Martin reaches down and, using his hand, pushes down on Peter's head, forcing him under the water. Peter gulps in shock as he sinks down. Martin lets go, Peter surfaces and, half-crying, shouts "You bastard!" Martin immediately bends down and pushes him under the water again. He yells, "Do you feel something now?" Peter starts swimming to another side of the pool. Martin stays where he is this time, but yells, "Tell me, you coward - and then you can go and tell the Watsons..." Peter manages to clamber out of the pool as Martin continues, " their kid felt when you drowned her."With his back turned to his father, Peter shouts, "I've told the Watsons. I went there an hour ago. They understand: it was an accident." Martin stares at his son in shock, as he realises what he's done. He calls out, "Peter..." Kevin appears as Peter turns to look at his father and yells, "Just keep away from me. Keep away from me." Martin stares at him as he walks off.


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