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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At the Palmer house, Beryl tells John and Jill that it's the best news she's heard for ages - but it's not as if they weren't expecting it! Jill replies that that's more than she was! Susan hugs her and kisses John. Beryl suggests that they should open the champagne that John brought. John suggests that they should wait for David, but Beryl explains that he's next door with Victor. Jill shows Beryl the ring, and Beryl says it's lovely. John offers to give Beryl a hand opening the champagne, and they go into the kitchen, where Beryl tells John that she's really pleased. John replies that he's pleased for himself. Beryl also thanks John for coming and telling her and David first, as they've been feeling second-best lately. John tells Beryl that he loves Patricia, and Martin's a good bloke, but he thinks of her and David as his Mum and Dad. They hug.

Wayne is playing a Donkey Kong-type handheld computer game, but Patricia asks him if he hasn't got anything better to do. Wayne replies that it's fun, and a good way to relax. He tells Patricia that she's not going to be much fun until all the Ramberg business is sorted out. There's a knock at the door, and Patricia tells Wayne to say she's out. Wayne goes and answers the door, and finds Martin standing there. He explains that Patricia's not in, and Martin asks when she'll be back. Wayne says he doesn't know. Patricia suddenly calls out to tell Wayne that it's OK for Martin to come in. Martin goes into the lounge and asks Patricia if she's screening her visitors now. Patricia replies that she didn't want to see just anyone. She tells Wayne to take his game elsewhere, and he duly goes upstairs. When he's gone, Patricia tells Martin that Wayne has been getting on her nerves. Martin says he's been expecting a call, but Patricia explains that she's been snowed under. She asks Martin what's been happening.

Beryl refills Susan's glass, and pours some more champagne into her own glass, deciding to save the rest for David. Susan says she still can't believe Kevin and Lynn left like that. John asks Beryl if she's heard from them, and Beryl replies that Lynn 'phoned this morning, and sounded confused. John asks why they did it, and Beryl replies that Lynn was tired of banging her head against a brick wall, and she decided to do something about it - plus Kevin was being stubborn. She adds, though, that she can't agree with Lynn taking Davey like that. She goes on to explain that David is smoothing things over next door so that they can still remain friends with their neighbours.

Martin bemoans the fact that David didn't want to know - again - adding that he thought it was something the two of them could pull together on. Patricia just goes, "Mmm." Martin suggests that she could pay more attention, but Patricia snaps that Lynn is probably better off without Kevin. Martin says, "Nice attitude." Patricia says she doesn't really care about a couple of kids arguing. Martin points out that she wanted to talk about something other than work, but Patricia says she wanted to talk about something interesting. Martin asks, "You?" adding that that's all she ever wants to talk about. He tells Patricia that it was she who turned up on his doorstep that night, and that was fine, but he's fed up with being dragged out to keep her happy when she doesn't want to talk about Ramberg. He tells her to give him a call when she's decided what she wants.

The next morning, Barbara is having trouble eating breakfast, and Gordon tries to help her, but she snaps that she's OK. Changing the subject, Gordon says he thinks they have a closet gambler in their midst, as Rosie laid out $5 on "Rosie's Hope" yesterday! Barbara points out that she laid out $10! She finally manages to get some food in her mouth successfully, and, suddenly noticing the time, asks Gordon why he's still there. Gordon tells her that he wants to spend time with her, adding that she should be flattered, and he tells her to leave the worrying about Ramberg to him.

On the 'phone, Patricia tells Richard Coleman that if he has any problems at Ramberg, he should call Gordon, as he knows what he's talking about. She hangs up and Wayne immediately comments that he's sure Gordon would love to hear her saying that! He adds that he still thinks Gordon should stay on, as the company needs him, but Patricia says a month is more than enough time for Richard Coleman to learn the ropes. John comes in and says he's off to see Martin to tell him about the engagement. Patricia tells her son that she's pleased for him, as he couldn't have picked a nicer girl. Wayne sarcastically tells John to pass on his congratulations to Jill. John leaves, and Wayne remarks that he didn't think Patricia would have been very happy with John marrying an ex-prostitute. Patricia replies that she doesn't give a damn about what Jill was, as she's a nice girl. She adds that Jill is a lot better off with John that she was with him. Wayne snaps, "Thanks very much." Patricia then warns him that she doesn't want anything said in front of Martin about this, as it's up to John and Jill to tell him. Wayne says that, after last night, it doesn't appear that Martin will be hurrying back, anyway. He asks Patricia if she's going to ring Martin, but she replies that she isn't. She then announces that she's going out. Wayne asks what he should say if Martin calls, but Patricia says she doesn't think he will.

At Martin's house, John asks his father what he thinks, and Martin guardedly says, "Congratulations." He adds, though, that he's surprised at the decision after their talk yesterday. John says he loves Jill, and there was no point in waiting. Martin asks what if Jill doesn't take to the airforce life, but John retorts, "What if I don't take to it?" He tells Martin that he can see what Martin's saying is sensible, but sensible doesn't really come into it when you're in love! Martin tells his son that he's happy for him - plus he's pleased that a member of his family is joining the airforce!

Peter and Kevin get out of a taxi and Kevin tells Peter that he didn't have to tell the driver all about it! As the two of them stand on the pavement, two sexy blondes in skimpy swimming costumes wander past, and Peter remarks that it doesn't seem a bad place to be! Kevin asks what they should do now, and Peter suggests they start from the top and work down. Kevin says it'll take ages to visit all the motels, but Peter tells him that, if they don't find Lynn at any motels, they'll have to try all the hotels - and if they have no luck there, either, they'll have to call it quits. The two of them head into the first hotel nearby.

Patricia arrives at Angela and Rob's new house to find the front door ajar. She goes in and calls out to ask if there's anybody there. In the lounge, Beryl says to Angela and Susan that it would be best to be polite. Patricia comes in and sees the other women, but Beryl says she's not staying. Susan asks Patricia how she is, and Patricia replies, "Never better!" Angela tells Beryl and Susan that she'll see them out, and when she rejoins her mother, she finds her having a good look round. Patricia asks Angela what she's doing tonight, and Angela awkwardly replies that they're having a party. Patricia asks if it's an engagement party, and Angela explains that it is, but it's also a farewell party for Susan. Patricia explains that she was going to invite Angela and Rob to join her, John and Jill for dinner, and suggests they do it tomorrow instead. Angela asks if Martin will be there, but Patricia says he won't. She adds that she's not having much to do with him at the moment - and the way she feels about him now, Angela may have had the right idea. When Angela looks confused, Patricia explains that she and Martin aren't seeing eye-to-eye.

Outside a motel, Peter tells Kevin that there's no way - they can't just barge in. Kevin, though, says he's not going to wait until the shoot has finished.

On the beach, the photographer is taking photos of Lynn, encouraging her to smile and pose in diferent positions. He takes several shots, but is interrupted by Kevin coming over. Mrs. Collins tries to stop him, but Kevin says he needs to talk to Lynn. Lynn sees him, and says she can't, and Mrs. Collins tries to halt him, but Kevin persists. Lynn snaps at him to stop it, but Kevin doesn't care. Lynn tells him that they haven't finished yet, but Kevin barges into the area where the photos are being taken. Lynn pleads, "Please?" Mrs. Collins gives up, and tells Kevin and Lynn that they can have ten minutes. The kids walk off, and Mrs. Collins tells the crew to take a break.

In Lynn's motel room, Kevin asks his wife why she did it - why not stay and talk? Lynn replies that she tried to, but he wouldn't listen, and she had to do something. She asks Kevin if he can't see that she's doing it for both of them, but Kevin tells her that she's doing it for herself. He adds that she's more worried about her make-up than about them. Lynn tells Kevin that it's not too late for him to come with her overseas, but Kevin flatly refuses. He also tells Lynn that there's no way she's taking Davey with her. Lynn says she's going, and that's that, and she reminds Kevin that she has Davey at the moment, adding that there's nothing he can do about it. Kevin warns his wife, "You're not taking Davey with you."

A while later, Kevin joins Peter outside, and Peter asks what happened. Kevin doesn't answer the question, but just asks Peter if anyone here realises that the two of them are together. Peter says he doesn't think so. Kevin says he has an idea...

Gordon arrives back at Dural with some orchids for Barbara, who tells him that they're beautiful, and have quite made her day. Gordon says they're meant to, and he adds that they're also an ice-breaker. He asks Barbara to sit down, and in reply, she asks what's wrong. Gordon tells her that he's been worried about how she'd take this, so he's been making sure noone's said anything, but he didn't want her finding out accidentally. He then reveals about his tendering his resignation from Ramberg. Barbara asks why he did it, and Gordon explains about Patricia buying up Paul's shares. He tells Barbara that it's a long story, but Barbara reminds him that she's not going anywhere! She adds that, after all he's putting up with with her there to look after, she doesn't mind that he's resigned, and is just happy to be there. They kiss.

Patricia is back at the South Yarra house. She picks up Wayne's Donkey Kong game, looks at it, and then puts it down again. Wayne comes in and says he's off to see Richard Coleman. Patricia asks him to make sure Coleman's not doing anything stupid. He goes. Patricia lights a cigarette, and wanders round the lounge, looking thoughtful. She takes a drag on the cigarette, exhales and then stubs it out. She quickly walks to the 'phone and dials a number. It's Martin who answers. Patricia reminds him that he told her not to contact him until she decided what came first, and then goes onto say that she's come up with an answer: "You."

On the beach at Surfer's Paradise, Peter casually wanders over to where a nanny is looking after Davey, who's in his pram. He starts talking to her, pretending to admire Davey, and the nanny explains that she's only just qualified, and this is her first job. At that moment, Mrs. Collins walks over and tells the nanny that Lynn's nearly finished, and will want Davey's formula ready. When she's gone again, Peter remarks to the nanny that Mrs. Collins seems to like giving orders. The nanny resignedly says, "She's the boss!" She then asks Peter to look after Davey while she prepares the formula. Unable to believe his luck, Peter smiles and says, "No worries!" When the nanny has disappeared, Peter tells Davey, "Going for a walk, little fella."

A short distance away, Kevin is sitting at a table outside a café, when Peter joins him with Davey. Kevin picks his son up and tells him that he's going with his Dad. Peter points out to Kevin that, although he may be Davey's Dad, this is still kidnapping. Kevin replies that, if they're going to arrest him, they're going to have to catch him, first...


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