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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Wayne arrives home from work and hears Angela and Gordon talking. He joins them in the lounge, but they don't look pleased to see him. Gordon asks him why he's home so early, and so Wayne explains that he's chucked in his job in Accounts, and he's taken over John's old position in PR. He adds that he'll probably be able to make a better go of it than John, but Gordon says he doubts it. Wayne snaps, "Thanks a million," and he storms out. Gordon tells Angela that he shouldn't have said that, and he admits that he should give Wayne a chance, but Angela points out that he's had quite enough chances, and he's wasted them. Gordon tells Angela that she more than makes up for Wayne. Angela says she's glad she has Gordon to talk to again. Gordon tells her that he thinks she's making too much of the whole issue over Rob and Kerry, but Angela says that, what hurt her was the fact that he didn't tell her about Domine as soon as he found out about her. Gordon points out that it was probably just as much of a shock for Rob. He adds that he thinks it's good that Rob's coming up to see them, as it will give them a chance to draw up some legal documents, to cover Rob's access etc. Angela says she doesn't want him to see them. She asks what she'll do if Rob falls for Kerry, but Gordon tells her to trust her husband. He adds that if Angela's worried about Kerry, she should talk to Fiona, who seems to have got to know the girl quite well. He tells her that he respects Fiona's judgement. Angela says she'll go and see her this afternoon.

John and Beryl arrive at the Palmer house together, and Lynn asks Beryl how her parents were. Beryl replies that they were really well. John remarks that he was surprised at Beryl going up to Macedon so soon after coming back from Sydney, but Beryl says she wanted to talk to her mother, to see if she felt the same way she's been feeling. She tells John that she's happy to be back, but Sydney changed her. John says, "Hal?" but Beryl explains that it was more than that - she developed some of her own interests. She tells John that talking to her mother helped her see things more clearly, and she's decided she's going to look for a job, similar to that she had in Sydney. John suggests she should let things settle down first, but Beryl says that, if she did that, she would slip back into the old way of life. John points out that David won't like it, but Beryl just says she'll talk to him tonight. She tells John that nothing's going to muck up things with David now, and she adds that she thinks David has changed as well. Lynn announces that tea is ready, and she apologises for the cake, which she thinks may be dry. Beryl assures John that she'll still have time to do some baking! Lynn suggests that Beryl should bake some of Kevin's favourite biscuits, and Beryl suddenly remembers that Kevin has his Maths exam, and is probably in the middle of it...

Kevin's exam paper is covered in doodles. He looks around and notices the teacher doesn't appear to be looking his way. He puts his hand back up his sleeve, and pulls out a piece of paper from under his watch. He starts looking at it, but then a teacher comes up behind him and says, "Please?" Kevin reluctantly hands the paper over, and the teacher looks at it. He asks Kevin if he made the notes on there before or after he entered the exam hall. Kevin thinks for a few seconds, and then admits that it was before. The teacher says he'll keep the paper, and he tells Kevin to continue with the exam. Kevin asks what will happen. The teacher says he'll hand in a report with Kevin's exam paper. He also tells Kevin to go and see Mr. Woods, who will advise him of his rights.

Kevin gets home, and Beryl asks him how he went. Kevin says it's hard to tell. Lynn asks if it was rough, and Kevin admits that it was. Beryl tells him he'll be alright. Kevin asks if they have John's number at work, as he doesn't get much chance to talk to him.

Angela is at the boarding house, and Jill offers to leave her and Fiona to it, but she's persuaded to stay, as she knows what's going on. Angela asks Fiona if she's sure the child is Rob's, and Fiona replies that she's sure Kerry's not lying, as she's not the type. Angela asks Fiona if she liked Kerry, and Fiona says she's a battler. She tells Angela that Kerry's not there to cause trouble - she just wants Domine to have a decent life, as she means everything to her. Angela says she can't help hating them, but Fiona tells her there's no point feeling like that, adding that as long as Angela lets Rob provide for them, there won't be any problem.

At Dural, Rob says he just wants everything to be OK, and Angela assures him that it is, now. Rob asks her if she's sure she can handle it, and Angela actually suggests to him that he arrange a meeting with Kerry. Rob says they can visit Fiona tomorrow to arrange it. He tells her that he can understand her not wanting to see Kerry personally, but surely there can't be anything wrong with seeing Domine, as she's only a child. Angela says she doesn't want to see her, as it might upset the child if she can't handle it. She decides to change the subject, and asks Rob if Gordon was home when he arrived. Rob replies that Paul told him Gordon was at the yacht club with some colleagues from Ramberg. When Angela hears Rob say he spoke to Paul, she asks him how things were between them, and Paul replies that they shook hands. Angela asks her husband how he got on in Melbourne, and Rob tells her that he spoke to Ron Jackson, and he was keen for him to get his licence, so he'll be working for Southern Freight. He jokes that he never thought he'd have Jonno as his boss!

In the Ramberg canteen, Kevin tells John that he knew that if that particular topic came up, he hadn't memorised the formulae properly, as there have been so many problems recently, but he doesn't think it's his fault. John asks him if Mr. Woods understood, but Kevin says he didn't see him, as there was no point. He says Woods probably wouldn't have let him take the rest of his exams, and there's no way he's going to get his cadetship now... John reminds him that there's always next year, but Kevin says there's no way he's going back again. John offers to ring Woods for him, and tell him Kevin's side. Kevin doesn't think it'll do much good, but John tells him that, if he talks to Woods, it might help. He goes off to make the call, and Kevin mutters, "Good luck."

At the dinner table, later, Beryl tells Kevin that even if he did fail, she and David will understand, as they know he's had a hard time, and they'll still be proud. She adds that she's positive he won't fail. There's a knock at the door, and Davey starts crying. Lynn asks Kevin if there's anything else wrong besides the exams, but Kevin says he'll tell her later. The visitor is John, who asks Kevin if they can talk outside. The two men duly leave Beryl and Lynn to calm Davey, and they go into the lounge. John closes the kitchen doors, and Kevin asks him if Woods saw him. John replies that the headmaster waited for him. Kevin asks how it went, and John tells him that he won't be disqualified from taking the rest of his exams, but Woods took a dim view of what happened today. Kevin says he hasn't told the family yet, as David's not home, and he doesn't want to have to go over it twice. He asks what will happen about today's exam, and John tells him that the paper will be marked and sent to an adjudicator, Kevin will be able to put his side, and a decision will then be made. Kevin says he's bound to be dumped in it, but John says they might understand - he adds, though, that Kevin will have to go back and do his best. He asks Kevin when he'll tell Beryl and David, and Kevin says he'll wait and see what time David gets home, as he wants to tell them together. John reminds Kevin that both his parents know what it's like to make a mistake. Kevin says he just wants it all sorted out, but John tells him to get an early night, as he has another exam tomorrow. Kevin says it's in the afternoon, so he'll talk to his parents in the morning. He thanks John for talking to Woods.

Fiona is about to knock at Jill's door when Jill comes out. Fiona tells her that she's been calling the hotel where Kerry worked, but they told her that she's been fired. She's not on the 'phone, and the babysitter hasn't heard from her either. She says that, short of trekking over to Newtown, she can't get in touch with the girl. She asks if she should call Rob, but Jill tells her not to worry him.

Wayne boasts to Angela and Rob that he'll really make the bods in PR take notice of him, as he's going to show people that he's got what it takes. Rob wishes him good luck. Gordon comes in at this point, and snaps that it's a shame Wayne didn't get the job on his own merits. He tells his son that he had some drinks with Ramberg people at the yacht club, and he found out what Wayne was up to: he suggested that his father wouldn't be happy with his son working in the Accounts department. Wayne yells that he applied for the job and got it because he was the best man for it, but Gordon tells him he only got the job because he pushed the point that he's the MD's son. Wayne storms out, and yells, "Go to hell." Angela tells Gordon not to let it get to him, but Gordon says he wishes Wayne had gone with Patricia, as they're two of a kind. Rob says he'll go and tell Rosie that they're ready for dinner. He leaves Gordon and Angela alone, and Gordon apologises to Angela for having to witness the argument like that, saying that she and Rob didn't need it. Angela, though, tells him that things are all sorted out. Gordon tells her that she and Rob are lucky to have each other, as they can solve each other's problems. Angela agrees that Rob's great, but says she's hot-headed. She tells Gordon that she's going to try and arrange a meeting for Rob, Kerry and the little girl tomorrow. She admits, though, that she's jealous.

Early the next morning, Kerry and Domine arrive at the boarding house. Kerry tells Fiona that Domine wanted a ride on the ferry, but Fiona tells her that she tried to call her, and knows she's been sacked. Kerry explains that the owner wanted her to work full-time, but she couldn't because she'd lose her single mother's pension, and she'd have to leave Domine for longer. There's a knock at the door - it's Jill. Fiona suddenly has an idea: she takes Domine and gives her to Jill to take out for a lollipop. Jill protests that she was going to go to the poolside, but Fiona asks her to look after the child for half an hour, and Jill gives in and goes. Fiona tells Kerry about Rob being in Sydney, and Kerry says she's glad to hear some good news. Fiona also tells her about Angela not being able to have children, and how it's making things difficult, even though she and Rob intend to adopt eventually. Kerry asks if Angela will try and make things difficult, but Fiona says she doesn't think so. Kerry thanks her for her help.

Rob and Angela pull up outside the boarding house. Rob is worried that it's early, and they should have rung first, but Angela tells him it'll be OK. They get out of the car, and Angela spots Jill walking up the road carrying a young child. Rob also spots them, but he is too late to stop Angela rushing over. She makes a fuss of the young girl, and asks Jill whose it is. There's an embarrassed silence as Rob and Jill look at each other, nervously. Angela suddenly realises. She quietly says, "Is this... Is this Domine?"


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