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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

David gets home and tells Beryl that his talk to Kevin could have been worse, but at least they're on speaking terms. He explains about how Kevin brought up the pre-wedding talk, and how he now thinks it was all a cover-up. He adds that the talk must have been important to Kevin, and Beryl replies, "Of course it was." She adds that thinking your dad conned you on your wedding day... She tells David that Kevin will come round, but David says he wouldn't count on it.

At the boarding house, Angela tells Fiona that she could kill Patricia, and she explains about seeing Patricia and Alan Pascoe holding hands. Fiona remarks, "Shocking!" and adds that it's pretty flimsy evidence. Angela says Patricia's as bad as Charlie. Fiona asks Angela what she's going to do, and Angela says she'll chuck in her job. Fiona asks, "And go back to Melbourne?" She tells Angela that Patricia is not Charlie, but Angela says Patricia's worse. Fiona says Angela's going off half-cocked, as Patricia's not the type to have casual affairs. Angela says, "People do change," but Fiona replies that Patricia would only have an affair if she could gain from it - she'd have to be madly in love with someone, and Fiona can't imagine Patricia feeling that way about Alan Pascoe. She tells Angela to front Patricia with it, but Angela says her mother would just lie. Fiona tells Angela that, even if Patricia's explanation isn't up to scratch, she's not to go back to Melbourne - particularly as she's still got to sort out her relationship with John. Angela says, "I'll see how I go."

Patricia gets back to Dural, and the 'phone starts to ring - it's Fiona, who tells Patricia about what Angela's thinking. Patricia says, "Don't be ridiculous," to which Fiona replies that she doesn't care one way or the other, but Patricia's not to let Angela go back to Melbourne. Patricia realises Angela must have seen her at the stud. Fiona remarks that if Angela took things that badly with someone she barely knows, Patricia's got Buckley's if her daughter finds out about David. She hangs up.

Angela gets home, and Patricia asks her where she's been, as Alan Pascoe was furious. Angela tells her mother that she saw her and Pascoe together, and she wants to know if Patricia's having an affair. Patricia says, "No, I'm not." She explains that Pascoe misconstrued her friendliness as interest, and she was just letting him down. Angela thinks Patricia is just thinking on her feet, so Patricia suggests they get Pascoe over and ask him - although it would embarrass him. She asks Angela not to spoil their mother/daughter relationship by jumping to silly conclusions. Angela says she's sorry, and the two women hug. Patricia says it's very important to her that Angela's there, and she doesn't want her running off over a misunderstanding. She says she feels the same as Angela about the house. Angela says that, unless Patricia and Gordon get back together, it's useless to talk of them ever being a family again, but she adds that she and Patricia can be friends. She says she understands her mother wants her for company, but it's not family, and that's why she liked Melbourne so much, and why she'll go back eventually. She says she likes her job, but can't tie herself down to it, and once she's got used to working, she'll go back - but it'll be months yet. She tells Patricia that just because she reacted like that to Alan Pascoe, she wouldn't feel the same about every man Patricia sees - she just thought her mother was becoming like Charlie. Angela reveals about Fiona warning her not to let Patricia to take over her life again, but Patricia says Fiona shouldn't interfere. Angela brings up the fashion parade, and says she didn't like Patricia telling her what to do. Patricia says she doesn't like to think that David can offer Angela something that she can't, but Angela says it's not just him, it's the whole feeling there with the family. "You can understand that, can't you?" "Yes, I can."

David is on the 'phone to Bates, at the depot. Bates wants David to take a trip to Sydney, but David is reluctant to go. He eventually tells Bates that he'll see him in the morning, but when he's hung up, he tells Beryl that he's not going to do it. Beryl remarks that David will have to start the Sydney run again sometime. Rob comes in and says he'll go with David, as he'd like to see some action, but David says it's against the law for him to take passengers. Beryl tells David to give Fiona a ring, as she'd love to have him stay for a few days. David says, "You're sure it's alright?" and he and Beryl kiss. Rob slyly says, "Should have let me go with him - might need a chaperone!" Beryl snaps, "No he does not."

At Woombai, Gordon shows Wayne the brochures he's had printed for the riding school, and Wayne is impressed. Gordon then asks Jill how her day was, and she says, "Long." Rosie comes in with some drinks, and Gordon says he ran into Mrs. Collins while he was out, and she was saying that Rosie's been nominated as the Woombai delegate at the CWA state conference. Rosie immediately says she can't go, as she has a house full of people to look after, but John chips in and says everyone can look after themselves. Wayne snidely comments that he can just see Prue pitching in. Rosie says that work must come first, but Jill tells her it'll be fun. Gordon tells Rosie to give her group a ring and say she's going. Prue comes in, and John tells her that she's just volunteered to do the cooking. Prue says, "I was getting bored with roast beef anyway." Rosie immediately storms out of the room. Wayne tells Prue to wait until she's been slaving over a hot stove for a couple of days, to which Prue replies, "At least I'll be working. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" John apologises to Wayne, but Wayne says Prue's probably just repeating what John says. Jill doesn't look impressed at this comment, and says, "You won't give him a go, will you?" Wayne snaps, "Why should I?"

Susan yells at Kevin to get up and tidy up the mess from last night. Lynn tells Susan that Kevin's not in a good mood, and when he emerges from his room, he tells Susan that she's not paralysed. Susan points out that Kevin promised he'd do the housework while he's not working. Kevin says he is working, but Susan says it's only a couple of days a week, whereas Lynn is working five days a week. Lynn says she'll help, but Kevin snaps that he wouldn't want people thinking he wasn't pulling his weight. They start arguing and the subject of money comes up again. Kevin says it gets him down, and he reveals that he's thinking of going bush for a while until just before the baby's born. He says Rob can put him onto some contacts, and adds that he can't wear feeling useless - if he goes away, he'll earn enough to set them up. Lynn says, "I'd hate it - I'd just hate it."

Prue rings Patricia, and says Wayne is spending his whole time deriding John. She adds that she's doing all she can to get John to chuck it in, but he's digging his heels in. She says John seems to have a hangup about letting Gordon down. Patricia says she's glad Prue saw her point.

Out riding, John tells Prue that her digs aren't making things easy, but Prue says she's not backing down. John says Gordon will step in if things with Wayne get really bad, but Prue points out that he hasn't so far. She tells John that he has so much potential, but Wayne won't let him use it. John thanks Prue for caring, to which Prue asks John if he enjoys teasing her. John says he did at first. Prue asks, "And now?" They kiss.

At the Palmer house, Rob and Kevin are poring over a map of mining areas, while Lynn sits around looking miserable. She goes into the kitchen, where Beryl thanks her for talking Kevin into coming. Lynn says it was easy once Kevin found out David wouldn't be there. She tells Beryl about Kevin wanting to go up north, to which Beryl replies that she'll see it goes no further than talk. She goes into the living room, where Rob is enthusing about life up north. Beryl asks Rob why, if things are so good up there, he's back in Melbourne, to which Rob says he doesn't want to get stuck in a rut. Beryl says there's more to being a man than flitting from job to job. Rob says, "I'm smiling," but Beryl points out, "You're not married." When Beryl goes back into the kitchen, Rob says to Kevin that Beryl's not too keen, but Kevin says, "She'll get used to it." He goes into the kitchen, where he hears Beryl telling Lynn about David being on a trip to Sydney. Kevin tells Beryl that he thought she'd learnt her lesson, but Beryl says she doesn't like her son going up north any more than he likes David going to Sydney.

Rosie is admiring the suitcase Gordon has lent her, and says it's the first time she's been away for years. She adds that she hopes noone's been poisoned when she gets back! When Rosie has left the room, Jill comments that Rosie is excited, and Gordon says, "It's good to see." The two of them realise they are both trying to keep out of things between Wayne and John. Gordon says John seems to aggravate Wayne, and Jill asks if she should say something, but Gordon says it's up to him - if and when the time comes. Jill comments that Prue's stirring, but Gordon says Wayne is in charge, and he hopes they can sort things out amongst themselves.

John is pushing Wayne across a field to see Mal Leyton, and they start arguing about the work, until John yells that he's had a gutful. Wayne says the problem is that John thinks he's indispensable, to which John replies that he thought he was helping Wayne. Wayne says he decides who he does and doesn't need. John asks, "You saying I'm fired?" Wayne retorts, "I'm saying we don't need you." John snaps, "Alright, if that's the way you want it." He starts walking off, leaving Wayne sitting in his wheelchair in the middle of a field yelling, "Jooooohhhhnnnnnn."


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