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    Written by: Geoffrey Atherden    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

At the stud, Patricia and Charlie have been out riding, and Patricia says it's strange, the place being so deserted. Charlie points out that John's not there, and Patricia says she really wanted to make her son make something of himself, but, according to Gordon, he might not even be staying. Charlie says John's digging his heels in, to which Patricia replies that that's the only way he takes after her.

Gordon and Alan Pascoe drive up to the security gates of 'Hamilton's Haulage' with a couple of blokes in the back of the car. The union rep., Les, says they can all go in as long as they're not scabs. Gordon says they have no choice, and he tells the security guard to open the gate. The men on the picket shout, "Scabs," as the car drives through.

At the boarding house, Fiona is exercising while John eats breakfast. She sounds as if she's in pain, though, and when she finishes, she tells John that she's not up to physical jerks! John says he's off for a wander to the depot - not to help Gordon, though. Fiona suggests that John will just be an extra pair of fists, and points out that he won't put a few boxes on some trucks, but he's willing to get involved in a punch-up. She tells John that he should go to the stud and work, and says she doesn't want him ending up in hospital. Just after John leaves, the 'phone rings and Fiona answers it. The call is from Beryl, who says she can't afford a long call, but wanted to speak to John. Fiona explains that Beryl's just missed him. Beryl says she wants John to call Susan, as Bill's trial starts today. However, she says she'll tell her daughter that John's thinking of her. Fiona asks about how the strike is affecting Melbourne, and Beryl says David is thinking about looking for temporary work. Fiona says John is always thinking of Beryl, and she says she's sure something will turn up. When the call is finished, Fiona picks up a sheath of papers and says to herself, "Maybe it will..."

At the gate of 'Hamilton's Haulage', John asks one of the men what gives. He is told that there are scabs inside, and the men are going to stop them. On the other side of the gate, Gordon tells Alan Pascoe that it's time to go. Pascoe asks if he should call the police, but Gordon thinks they can handle things themselves. As the men get ready to move, Gordon asks Alan Pascoe to tell everyone to stick close together. A convoy of trucks follows Gordon and Pascoe in their car as they head towards the gate. Les shouts that the trucks aren't going to get out, but the trucks do get through the picket, albeit with a lot of shouting, and some rocking of the vehicles by the men. Gordon notices John standing with the pickets.

At the hospital, Fiona tells Wayne that she hopes John doesn't come home with a black eye. Wayne says John can look after himself - he's been on the receiving end, so he should know! Fiona asks Wayne to look at the renovation quotes she's had from contractors. She thinks they're too high, and suggests that there's another way - why not cut out the middle man, and hire the men themselves? Wayne agrees. Fiona tells him that it might solve more than just his problems.

David, Beryl, Susan, Mick and Nora Todd meet up outside the courthouse. As they go inside, Susan sees Bill being led towards the court in handcuffs. Bill looks at Susan, but then turns away. Susan bursts into tears. She tells Mick that she tried to pass the letters on, but she couldn't do it. In the courtroom, Bill, standing in the dock, looks round at the assembled Palmers, his mother and Mick. The barrister presents the indictment against Bill to the judge, and the judge then asks the barrister to indict the accused. The barrister states that on 13 February 1982, William Arthur Todd knowingly murdered Sam Selmar in the state of Victoria. He asks how Bill pleads; the plea is Not Guilty. At the end of the day's proceedings, Bill's counsel tells Nora Todd that they're entering a plea of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He says Bill will have to take the stand. As he heads back inside, Susan asks if he can give Bill her letters. The lawyer agrees. David invites Nora back to the Palmers', but she declines. Inside the court, Bill's lawyer sees his client. He tells Bill that he informed the family that the case is going well, but now it's up to Bill. The lawyer says the prosecution is out to get Bill, and the judge isn't noted for being sympathetic. He tells Bill to stick to his story about the murder being a momentary impulse. Bill asks who the bloke with Susan was. The lawyer just knows it was Mick Ryan. He gives Bill the letters, but Bill refuses to read them.

At Dural, Charlie's proud of herself for spending the morning riding, swimming and eating healthily. Patricia says she's glad Gordon called to say the stuff has been moved, so now he can sort out the finances. There's a ring on the doorbell - it's John, looking for Gordon. Patricia invites her son in, and Charlie asks him how he is, before telling him not to worry, as she's leaving. She tells Patricia to call her. John apologises for interrupting. Patricia says she doesn't want an argument, but she was disappointed to hear that John was at the depot. John says he doesn't want Gordon to get the idea that he's siding with the truckers, but Patricia says he sided with them yesterday and it's a bit late to come crawling back. John says he likes Gordon, and wants him to understand. Patricia says she'd like to understand, too, but John says he and Patricia are too different - he was crazy to think they'd get on. Gordon comes in. John says he wanted to get things straight. Gordon tells Patricia to leave them. Patricia shouts that she's John's mother, but that obviously doesn't count.

Fiona rings David. She says she's ringing to find out about the trial. David says so far, so good. Fiona tells him that everyone has their fingers crossed.

John says to Gordon that he probably only gave John the job because of Patricia. Gordon says, "That's not true." John says he doesn't agree with what Gordon did today, but he'd still like his job. Gordon says he's not proud, and if there'd been another way... John gets up to leave. Gordon asks if he wants to see Patricia again, but John says he doesn''t. Gordon downs a couple of shots of brandy in quick succession.

Fiona tells David that she knows about his problems with the strike, but she needs a favour - her property next to Dural needs repair, and she wondered if David would like to work on the project. She tells David to talk it over with Beryl, but David says there's no need - it's a great idea. He thanks Fiona for thinking of him, and, as he puts the 'phone down, he looks thoughtful.

Gordon is sitting in the dark, still drinking. Patricia comes in and says Gordon and John must have patched things up. Gordon tells Patricia that he wishes she would make the effort, but she asks why she should make all the running. Gordon says, "Go away, Patricia." Patricia asks if Gordon is just going to sit there feeling badly done by, to which Gordon replies that he's going to sit there and get drunk until he wipes himself out completely. He says he feels disgusted with himself - he spent years building up the trust and respect of his staff, and now it's all gone. Patricia says she didn't realise Gordon felt that way. Gordon says, "That's your trouble - you never do."

Fiona tells John that she hopes she didn't do the wrong thing. John says he thinks it's a great idea. Fiona hopes David doesn't get mixed up in the trouble between John and Patricia. John says that, after the wedding, he and his father were getting along well, and he wants that to continue.

Beryl asks David, "Why Sydney?" David says that that's where the work is - he's not just going to sit around while they run out of money. Beryl says she doesn't like the thought of David being away from home. David says he's often away on long driving jobs, but adds that Beryl's real problem is her hangup with Patricia. He says he's going to take the job, and if Beryl doesn't like it, she can lump it.


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