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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Mick is tidying up the flat when Susan gets home from work. He tells Susan that she was in the wrong last night, but Susan doesn't want to talk. Mick says that he does. Susan says Stevie needed to be disciplined, to which Mick replies, "But not by you." He tells Susan that nothing gave her the right to abuse Stevie - it upset him, and Cheryl found out what happened, meaning it'll make it more difficult for him to see his son in the little time he has left. Susan says Stevie should be living a normal life. Mick tells her to stick her advice, and he storms out.

Angela tells Beryl about Susan's behaviour. Beryl says Angela should see Susan's side of things - Bill's letters mean a lot to her. She points out that Angela and Susan have never got on, and Angela says she did try, but Susan didn't want to know. Angela is in a rush for the first day of her new job, and Beryl is preparing for the kids to return from their honeymoon. The 'phone rings - it's someone from David's depot to tell him that there's a nationwide truckers stoppage - David's out on strike. David tells Beryl that there wasn't a hint of trouble, and Beryl says she hopes it's not as long as the last strike. David sounds off about the lousy timing, but he tells Beryl not to get depressed, saying they'll still go ahead with the new house.

Gordon is reading the financial paper at breakfast. Patricia comes in and says she had a great time at Charlie's party last night. Gordon tells his wife that he had a call from Harold Barker. Patricia comments on how boring Harold is, but Gordon says he's a good friend. The 'phone rings - it's Dan Harvey, ringing to tell Gordon about the strike. When Patricia hears, she asks who the hell the drivers think they are. Gordon says they could be in a sticky situation if the strike isn't resolved, but he says he does support the men's grievance. Patricia says there must be some way of keeping the trucks running, but Gordon says, "No." Patricia tells Gordon not to be so melodramatic, as some truckies are probably better off than the Hamiltons are.

Beryl is busy cleaning when Kevin and Lynn arrive home. Beryl tells them to take their cases into their room, which David has been doing up. Kevin says it looks great. David tells Beryl to let the kids settle before mentioning the strike to them. Kevin gives Beryl a present - a box of marshmallows.

At the stud, Patricia, who has been out riding, tells John that half the horses are mad! John points out that Patricia has always hated horses, to which Patricia replies that Charlie says it's good for her! John says he hasn't changed his mind - he doesn't want anything unless he gets it through hard work. He tells Patricia that he's impressed at her coolness, what with the strike going on. Patricia says she'd like to get her hands on a few of them, and adds that she'd like to get the ignorant unionists that are sending the Hamiltons to the wall. John says his father is an ignorant unionist, and suggests Patricia might like to bash him. He adds that the only reason people put up with having no money is because they believe so strongly in their cause. Patricia says she doesn't want to discuss it - she's off to the hospital. John 'phones home, where the Palmers are having dinner. Kevin answers, and John asks how the honeymoon was. Kevin says it was great. John then asks Kevin how Beryl's taking the news about the strike. Kevin says, "What strike?" John says it's really bad. Kevin goes and gets David, saying, "It's John - about the strike..." Beryl looks concerned. When the call is over, Kevin asks his mother why she didn't say anything - did she think he and Lynn were too young to understand? David says there wasn't any point in saying anything until they knew the outcome of the meeting to try and resolve the dispute. Beryl tells the kids that they shouldn't worry so soon after their honeymoon. David suggests everyone stop looking so glum.

Susan apologises to Mick about Stevie, and for her behaviour. She says she'd like to talk about it. She says she over-reacted with Stevie because she couldn't help thinking about Bill, whose trial is next week. She says she'd decided to try and find a spot in the courtroom where she could be close enough to pass his letters to him. She says she knows the police would stop her, but at least Bill would know she still cared. Susan says she's losing her nerve, she's snapping and she can't help herself. Mick says, "We're pretty much in the same boat, aren't we?"

Beryl tells Kevin that he's supposed to be studying for his exam. Kevin tells Lynn that he can't concentrate for thinking about his Dad. He's thinking about getting a job after school, but Lynn says that's stupid - she's got to leave school anyway, so she may as well do it now, and get a job. She says Kevin would be crazy if he didn't get his HSC. Kevin tells Lynn that she can get a job only if things get really bad.

At Dural, Patricia tells Gordon that Wayne suggested his father hire owner-drivers. Gordon says that's too risky, and he's likely to be blackballed after the dispute. He adds that it's not ethical. He tells Patricia that she couldn't care less about the transport business until it comes to money. He says it's his company, and he'll run it as he sees fit. There's a 'phone call - the men have had a meeting and both sides are holding out. Gordon says it's going to be a long one - it could last six weeks. He refuses to reconsider his position.

David yells that Lynn can't leave school. Kevin tries to persuade his father, but David yells that he's responsible for both kids, and noone's leaving school. Kevin says that if the strike's as long as last time, they might have to. David wants everyone to let him worry about that, and he storms out. Beryl tells Kevin that David's a very proud man - he's always been the provider. She adds that David also doesn't want Vic Hardy crowing. Beryl tells the kids that she's very proud of them.

Angela calls at Susan's, and Mick lets her in. He asks how her first day went, and she says, "It's a job." Susan's out, and Angela tells Mick that she's not going to stop seeing him just because of Susan. Mick says Susan has had a pretty rough trot, and he can't really blame her. However, Stevie won't be back in a hurry. Angela suggests Mick could see Stevie at the Palmers' house. She invites Mick for a meal, but he turns her down.

David is on the 'phone to the estate agent, saying that they're not ready for a bigger place yet. He asks for his deposit back. Beryl says there'll be other houses. David says he was stupid, that's all - he should have listened to Beryl. The strike has made him realise how dire their financial situation is. Beryl points out that in a couple of months, they'll own their current house, and says there are thousands of people who'd like to be in the Palmers' position. David says there are thousands who have got more than they have - "Alright then, the Hamiltons have got more." He says, "Take Gordon Hamilton," and he tells Beryl that Gordon has probably never worked as hard as he has, and yet he has all that - it's not fair. Beryl says she wouldn't want all those trimmings, and she wouldn't care if she had nothing at all - as long as she has David. She tells him how proud they should be of their kids and everything they've achieved. David replies, "It's a lot, but it's not everything."


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