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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

At breakfast the next day, Kevin says he isn't going back to school until everything is sorted with the Hardys. Beryl tells him not to be silly. Kevin says he and Lynn want to get married, and Angela humorously suggests that they elope. Beryl tells her she's not helping! Kevin goes to his room to get changed and while he's there, Lynn calls by, having sneaked out of home. She tells Kevin that her father is still going on about having the baby adopted. She says she thinks her mum is on her side, but when it comes down to it, she always sides with her dad. Kevin suggests the two of them run away, but Lynn reminds him that she needs her parents' permission to get married. Kevin says he'll get a job to support them. Lynn hears her father at the Palmers' front door so she sneaks out again. In the living room, Vic Hardy tells Beryl that, now David has gone to work, he wants a sensible conversation. He then tells Beryl to make David change his mind, but Beryl says they should leave the kids alone so that they can talk about what they want to do. Hardy says it isn't a case of what they want to do - it's what they're going to do, which, as far as he's concerned, is put the baby up for adoption. Angela, who can hear the conversation from the kitchen, storms in and tells Hardy that adoption sounds good in theory, but it's not in practice. Before he storms out, Hardy says, "You can see she's David's daughter!"

David has reached Dural. He changes his t-shirt before walking up the Hamiltons' long drive and knocking at the front door. Patricia answers and, after a moment of awkwardness, she invites him in. She tells him that she was surprised to hear from him, although she adds that she shouldn't be, considering Angela is now living with him. Patricia asks after her daughter and David says she's fine. Patricia then asks David to get to the point of his visit. He says he wants to patch up the row between Patricia and Angela, but Patricia says she and Angela have rowed before. She says Angela has been spoiled, and it will probably do her good being away for a while. David says, "You certainly haven't changed much, Pat." Patricia looks startled. She tells David that that's the first time anyone has called her 'Pat' for years. She offers David a drink and asks if he'd like to stay for dinner - she tells him that she's not the world's greatest cook, but can probably rustle something up.

After dinner, David tells Patricia that Angela's biggest shock probably came from having to use public transport - he adds that his daughter is probably missing her car! Patricia says she takes the blame for spoiling Angela - she just wanted her daughter to have everything she didn't. David tells Patricia about Kevin and Lynn and asks her if, had his father allowed him and Patricia to marry, she thinks they could have made it work. Patricia says she doesn't think so, as they both wanted different things - David wanted Patricia to be a housewife, and she wanted more. However, she adds that if they had both wanted the same things, it might have worked. David tells Patricia she certainly got what she wanted. Later that evening, David thanks Patricia for being so honest, and he says he's glad he stayed. Patricia tells David to keep in touch. David asks Patricia if she'll try to get to know John, but she doesn't think it's a good idea - she agrees to think about it, though. They shake hands and David leaves.

After work, Angela goes to see John at the warehouse. When he gives her a ride on the prongs of his fork-lift truck, he gets into trouble with his boss, Mr. Bates, who is worried about who'd pay the compensation if there was an accident. John apologises, and says it won't happen again. On their way home, Angela says being a girl has its advantages, like being able to wrap your boss around your finger. She says her boss wanted to take her to dinner, but she thinks he's a creep. John says he's going to a party that evening with Cathy. Kevin catches them up and seems happy - he says everything's going to be alright. When they get home, Susan is in the kitchen, crying. Kevin doesn't notice, though, and asks his sister if he and Lynn can move in with her, and help pay the rent. Susan immediately goes off at him, telling him that the idea of him and Lynn getting married is stupid. Kevin says he'll get a job, but Susan retorts that, to get anywhere, he'll need his HSC. Angela comments that the HSC isn't everything and Susan yells back that not everyone has her connections. When Susan goes out to cry in the garden, Beryl tells Kevin that the letter Susan sent to Bill came back unopened. Kevin says Susan shouldn't take it out on everyone else.

John, who overheard what Beryl said, goes into the garden. He tells Susan he's sorry, and says Bill sent the letter back because he loves his wife and doesn't want to tie her down. Susan says she still loves Bill and doesn't want anyone else. She says she's going to keep writing so he doesn't forget her. When John goes back indoors, Angela tries to persuade him to stay in, but he won't. Angela sourly remarks that she'll be home alone and leaves the room. Beryl tells John that he did the right thing, and Angela has to learn that John has a life too. Later that evening, John has returned from the party and has fallen asleep in front of the TV. Angela comes in and John wakes up. Both say they had a good evening. John tells Angela that she's his sister, but acts like his girlfriend - like she's jealous. Angela denies it, and says Cathy is plain, dull and suburban, and remarks that she doesn't like people like that. John tells Angela to listen to him. They both stand up, and John puts his hand on Angela's shoulder. They stare into each other's eyes for a time, before Angela awkwardly makes her excuses and goes to bed.

The next day, David arrives home and tells Beryl he had a good trip. He says he did a lot of thinking while he was away, and he wants to get the Hardys over and have a good talk. This duly happens, with Kevin and Lynn present as well. David asks Kevin what he would do if he had the money and was free to get married. Kevin says he'd like to get his HSC so that he could get a better job to look after Lynn and their baby. He says he wants to make Lynn happy, and says he could support her as well now as he could if he was 21. He says that David might have to support them to start with, but he'd pay it back. Kevin says he loves Lynn and waiting to get married will make them miserable. Lynn says she wants to leave school, get married and have the baby. David and Beryl remind her about how it would change her life, but Lynn is adamant. Mr. Hardy tells Lynn that she's always wanted to be a teacher, but Lynn tells her father that that's what he wants. David says he doesn't want to make the same mistake with his kids as his father made with him. He says Kevin and Lynn can get married and live with the Palmers. Mr. Hardy is furious, but his wife, Muriel, says, "If they want to get married, let them." Lynn pleads, "Please, daddy, please." Hardy says, "Don't say I didn't warn you," and storms out. Lynn and Kevin happily stare into each other's eyes.


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