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    Written by: Geoffrey Atherden    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Brian Faull

Wayne arrives at Jill's with a bottle of wine and a load of takeaway food! He tells Jill that if she won't come to dinner, then dinner must come to her! The two of them enjoy the food, but Jill says she still thinks Wayne's a rat - but a nice rat! Wayne wants the two of them to go out somewhere so he can get to know Jill better. He agrees that if Jill still doesn't like him at the end of the evening, he'll leave her alone. Jill tells Wayne that she still can't forgive him for dobbing John in, but she agrees to go for the night out.

John is trying to make a 'phone call, but is interrupted by Fiona, much to his annoyance, as he wants to be left alone. Fiona tells John that he's being a pain in the neck, and isn't considering any else's problems - especially Susan's. Fiona tells John not to expect any sympathy from her for him doing Patricia's dirty work. John 'phones Patricia and tells her that he told Angela to go away, adding that Angela was upset, but she went, and is on her way home. Patricia says she's very grateful for what John's done, but John isn't interested, and hangs up abruptly.

Wayne and Jill get back to the boarding house, having had a good time. Jill asks Wayne if he's trying to get her with 'Plan A', the laid-back approach. She then asks, "What's Plan B?" Wayne says, "I stay the night!" to which Jill replies, "Get lost!"

At Dural, Patricia tells Wayne that Angela still hasn't 'phoned. Wayne says Angela is either getting it off with John or she's been given the brush-off, and she's not likely to call about either. Patricia comments that Wayne isn't doing much about his future, but Wayne says he'll wait until Gordon gets back from Woombai.

Next day, Wayne turns up at Jill's with a kitten, saying it's Plan C! - and that is exactly what Jill decides to call her new pet! Wayne says he has another cat to show her, which turns out to be a catamaran at the beach. As Wayne and Jill are getting on board the boat, another craft sails up to them with some girls on board who obviously know Wayne. One of them drops her sunglasses in the sea, and appeals to Wayne to get them for her but he just gives her the brush-off. Wayne tells Jill to leave her worries behind.

Bill is incarcerated at HM Prison, Pentridge. Susan goes to see him, and he says he's OK. He then tells his wife not to come and see him anymore, and says he wants her to get a divorce. He then asks his wife to leave. Susan goes to Beryl's and cries herself to sleep. Beryl tells Nora what has happened, and Nora says she'll go and see her son and sort things out. Nora apologises to Beryl for hurting John, but Beryl says she doesn't blame Mrs. Todd. Nora says Bill loves Susan, and doesn't realise what he's doing to her.

John is trying to write a letter to the newspaper, complaining about an article calling Bill a maniac. John tells Kevin that Bill is just in prison because of his rotten temper. Kevin, who knew the article was going to be published, says he doesn't agree with the content, but does agree to help John with his letter.

At the prison, Nora tells Bill that he's not being fair, and informs him of her plans to move in with Susan. Bill says he could get put away for 15 years, and Susan will get used to the divorce plans. Bill tells Nora that if she moves in, she'll tie Susan down and stop her meeting someone new. Bill says he's made up his mind and doesn't want to see Susan again - he loves her, but it's the only way he can be fair to her.

Nora tells Susan that Bill's right - he wants his wife to live her own life and not wait for him. Susan says she doesn't understand, but Nora says, "You will." Beryl tells Susan that Bill probably thinks he's doing the right thing and Susan can't force him. Kevin finishes the letter and John signs it. He then suggests that he and his brother go to the park to bowl some overs.

Fiona is in the kitchen and Kevin tells her they're going out. The 'phone rings and Fiona answers. It's Patricia, wanting to speak to John, but Fiona tells her he's gone out. She then says John hasn't seen Angela, as he sent her packing, just as Patricia asked. John, who is looking for a stamp, hears the end of the conversation, but Fiona says it was a call for Beryl. Fiona then tells John that she's going home. John tries to persuade her to stay so he can talk to her, but Fiona says John should talk to his father. John says he can't talk to David about Angela and Patricia, and he tells Fiona that he'll miss her. Fiona says her potplants are missing her! John says he'll visit Fiona, to which she replies, "I'll kill you if you don't!"

When Jill and Wayne get back from the beach, Jill thinks she looks terrible, as she has a burnt nose. Wayne kisses it better, but his lips end up meeting Jill's lips. The kitten is asleep on Jill's bed, but Wayne moves it because the bed is needed for other matters...

Fiona gets back to Sydney. In Jill's room, Wayne is half naked and Jill is also wearing very little. Jill tells Wayne that she enjoyed last night. Fiona knocks on Jill's door and Jill says she'll be out shortly. Wayne offers to sneak out the back. Jill shows Fiona the kitten, saying it's a stray who wandered in. She says it's a very long story as to why the animal is called "Plan C"!

Beryl is at Susan's when John 'phones to tell her that Bill wants to see him. Beryl tells Susan that she should move back into her old room with her family, but Susan doesn't want to. Beryl suggests the two of them go away for a few days instead, to see Susan's Nan and Pop. Beryl says Susan will have a nervous breakdown if she doesn't get away, and she tells her that she has to leave Bill.

At the prison, Bill apologises to John, saying he loved Susan so much, that he didn't want to spoil it. Bill says he thought the police would find out John was innocent and free him. John says he was angry at Bill once, but now he just thinks Bill is unlucky. He agrees that Bill is doing the right thing by Susan. Bill says he wants to stay mates with John. John tells Bill he forgives him. Bill says it's a pity they can't shake hands. John puts his hand up against the glass separating the two of them. From the other side, Bill places his hand on the glass against John's. It's the closest the two of them can get.


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