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    Written by: Michael Boughen   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Phillip Bowman

Fiona rises from bed late, and Beryl gets her some breakfast. Fiona asks if Beryl has made any plans for that evening, and then adds that she's decided treat everyone to dinner, including Bill and Susan. Fiona says she's looking forward to meeting Susan - and Bill of course. Beryl offers to show Fiona the sights of Melbourne. Fiona jokes, "See Melbourne and die?!" Later in the day, Susan and Bill meet Fiona. Bill tries to get out of going to the meal, but he eventually relents.

When John finishes work at the stud for the day, Wayne drives after him and offers him a lift to Manly, in exchange for a beer. When they get to the boarding house, Wayne asks "Scott" if he thinks Wayne is up himself. He says the Angela and Simon business was Patricia's idea, and they agree to forget it. John tells Wayne that Fiona has gone to Melbourne on business, but he doesn't know what business it is exactly. Jill bursts in and "Scott" goes over to talk to her. She is angry because "Scott" has left her a note, rather than talk to her. Wayne overhears them arguing, and is very interested to hear Jill say she agreed to play along and pretend she's pregnant. Jill tells "Scott" that he and Angela would make a very good pair! When Wayne has gone, "Scott" tells Jill that Wayne overheard her and has probably gone home to tell Angela. Jill says that to put Angela off further, why doesn't "Scott" tell her that he lives next door to a hooker?!

Wayne tells Angela that Jill isn't pregnant and says everyone has been laughing at her behind her back. Wayne says "Scott" has also been lying about coming from Brisbane. He tells Angela to stick with Simon.

The Palmers have a good night out. When Susan goes to help Beryl prepare some nightcaps, Fiona is left alone with Bill. She tells him it was a shame it took John's troubles for David to contact her again, and says she may have been able to help John. Fiona says it's funny John didn't go to any of his friends, and Bill replies that perhaps John didn't want them to get mixed up in things. Fiona says, "You help your friends..." In the kitchen, Susan tells Beryl that Fiona is nice. Beryl shows Susan a letter from Lynn which she has been trying to hide from Kevin, but she has decided Kevin should have it, so she takes it to his bedroom and gives it to him.

Next morning, John prepares breakfast for Jill. He takes it in to her, but she says it takes more than burnt toast to get round her. Jill then apologises for blowing things with Wayne. "Scott" gives Jill a new copy of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Beryl has a hangover, but Fiona is fine! While Fiona prepares breakfast, Beryl tells her about Kevin, Lynn and the letter. Kevin is 'ill' in bed. Beryl checks on him, then goes out. Shortly after, Fiona also shouts that she's going out. When he hears the door slam, Kevin gets out of bed, quickly gets dressed and retrieves a packed-bag from beneath his bed. He goes into the living room - and Fiona appears behind him! She tells Kevin that running away won't help, and asks him what he was planning to do when he got to Tasmania. Fiona tells Kevin to wait a while - if Lynn loves him, she'll understand. She advises Kevin to get a job so he can support the two of them. Fiona says, "You're just like your brother," before hurriedly adding, "...he was a devil as a kid."

Simon has organised a secluded villa for his and Angela's honeymoon. Angela doesn't look impressed, but says it sounds wonderful. Barbara, who is sitting listening, asks Angela to show her out. When the two of them are alone by the front door, Barbara says, "You don't love him, do you?" Mrs. Armstrong wants to know why Angela's stringing her son along. She says the two of them shouldn't muck up their lives. Angela admits she messed-up, but says it got harder and harder to break from Simon - plus she didn't want to lose Mrs. Armstrong's respect. Angela tells Barbara that she's found she still has a chance with another guy. Barbara tells Angela that she'll break the news to Patricia, but Angela must tell Simon - which she does straight away. She tells her ex-fiancÚ that she can't marry him because she doesn't love him and she won't change her mind. Simon guesses it's probably for the best and says he won't make a fuss. Angela thanks him for being so understanding and then he leaves, looking despondent.

At the stud, Wayne and "Scott" break for lunch. "Scott" goes off for a swim and Wayne spots "Scott's" jacket hanging up. He rifles through it, not noticing the wallet that falls on the ground. He does find "Scott's" keys, though, and immediately takes them and drives to the boarding house. He goes into Fiona's room and searches through the cupboards and drawers. Eventually, he finds Fiona's envelope of newspaper clippings relating to the Selmar murder, and he takes it. John finishes his swim, and finds his wallet on the ground beneath his jacket, and his keys missing.

Wayne goes to Dural and Angela tells him the wedding is off. Wayne asks if Simon found out that Angela doesn't qualify to wear white! He then asks if the decision has anything to do with "Scott Edwards". He chucks Angela the envelope of clippings and tells her that "Scott's" real name is John Palmer and that he's wanted for murder. Wayne tells Angela that if she wants any fun with John, she'd better hurry before the police pick him up...


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