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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Kevin and Lynn play Monopoly until late. Kevin eventually asks Lynn if she's coming to bed, but Lynn doesn't want them to sleep together - she's happy just to be alone with Kevin. Kevin tells his girlfriend he knows she wants to really. Lynn initially relents, saying, "Of course I do", but stops herself as she starts to head to the bedroom. They eventually agree that Kevin will sleep in the lounge and Lynn can have the bed.

Susan emerges from the tent the next morning. She hears engine noises, and sees Bill still trying to get the car started. He doesn't succeed, though. They eat breakfast, but Susan is still furious over the incident with the rabbit, and Bill decides it would be best if they went home after they've eaten.

"Scott" takes Jill to the stud. Gordon approaches and tells "Scott" that he should show Jill around, but "Scott" just wants to work. "Scott" tells Jill that Gordon and Angela still think she is having his baby, and he asks her to play along with it. Gordon takes her on a guided tour and Jill goes over-the-top about the 'baby'!

Later, Jill tells Fiona about meeting Gordon. When Jill has returned to her own room, a menacing-looking man enters the boarding house and, when Fiona sees him, she asks if she can help him. The man says he is looking for Jill, and Fiona points out her boarder's room. The man knocks on the door and Jill opens it, but when she sees who is standing there, she immediately tries to close the door again. However, he gets in, and Jill demands to know what he wants. The man is called Richie Miller, and he tells Jill he's on a recruiting drive. He says, "Join the hookers, see the ceiling!" He tells Jill that he wants her back, but she doesn't want to go and demands he leave. Richie tells Jill to think about it and says he'll be back. When Richie has gone, Fiona knocks on Jill's door, feeling concerned and saying she didn't like the look of the man. She watches Richie from Jill's window as he gets in his car. Jill says Richie wants her to go back on the game, and adds that he won't give up trying. She then offers to find somewhere else to live but Fiona tells her to stay. She then tells Jill to come and get her the next time Richie calls, as he's not the only one who can get really mean. Fiona tells Jill to trust her, and says, "It'll work out."

David is pleased that he and Beryl have the house to themselves, but it doesn't last long, as Susan walks in. She initially says married life is fine, but then breaks down and tells Beryl she's never been so unhappy.

Kevin and Lynn drag the mattress from the bed, into the lounge, and they both end up lying on it. Lynn apologises for the previous night, saying she was worried people would find out, but Kevin reminds her that Susan won't be back for another day. Kevin and Lynn are both 'scared' of the big step they are about to take.

Beryl tells David that Bill and Susan just need time to sort things out. She reminds her husband that they, too, rowed on their honeymoon.

Jill has been to the beach, but when she gets back into her room at the boarding house, she finds it has been trashed. She says to Fiona, "I hate him." Fiona tells Jill to get Richie round straight away as she's going to confront him. When he duly arrives, it is Fiona who answers the door to Jill's room and invites him in. She introduces herself and asks Richie if the name Steve Caplin means anything to him. She dials the telephone number of Steve Caplin and wants Richie to talk to him. Fiona then tells Richie that she was on the game before he was even born, but has decided to give him another chance. As a voice on the 'phone can be heard saying, "Hello", Fiona tells Richie she wants him to talk.

John goes into Fiona's room and finds Jill there, looking terrified. Jill tells "Scott" that it's about time she came clean about her past. She then reveals that she was a prostitute working for Richie when she met Fiona who, with some friends, had found Jill unconscious in an alley one night. Fiona had brought her back to the boarding house and helped her - that was three months ago. Fiona comes in and tells Jill that she won't hear from Richie again. She then passes Jill a cheque from Richie to do up her room! Later, as Jill and Fiona tidy Jill's room, Jill tells her landlady she thinks she's scared "Scott" off, but Fiona says "Scott" is just getting used to the idea and tells Jill to give "Scott" a kick in the pants if he gets moralistic! Jill suddenly wonders what Fiona said to Richie. Fiona says, "I'm a terror with a hatpin!" Later, John is sitting in Fiona's room and Fiona tells him that Jill is still the same girl. Fiona reveals that Jill had been 16, on her own in Sydney with no money or job prospects, and had had a friend who had been on the game for a year. The friend introduced Jill to Richie, who took things from there. Fiona says, "There was glamour in it once," then quickly adds, " I'm told!"

A naked Lynn is asleep on the mattress, beneath a blanket, as a topless Kevin wanders round the room feeling ecstatic. Lynn wakes up and she and Kevin say they love each other. Suddenly a key turns in the lock of the front door and David and Susan walk in! Shocked by the scene that confronts him, David orders Lynn to the bedroom to get dressed, and Susan accompanies her. David says they're stupid kids, but Kevin retorts that his father was the same age. A furious David orders his son to go to the car.


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