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    Written by: David Phillips   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Wayne Cameron

John doesn't believe Fiona, telling her that what she's saying about Angela is not even a good lie. But Fiona has proof - she shows John a photograph of the young Patricia and David, and she relates the story of how they arrived at the boarding house, where Patricia to give birth before running off with her daughter, leaving John behind. Fiona tells John that David never gave up on Patricia, but whatever got them together had gone. John can't believe Fiona let him go on feeling the way he did about Angela. Fiona tells him she was scared - she adds that John can't tell anyone who he is until he's cleared his name.

Patricia is still making party plans. Gordon asks Wayne why he isn't at the stud, where he's supposed to be meeting an important client. Wayne says everything is in hand, and his assistant, Jeff, is handling it. Gordon tells his son not to let it happen again.

Wayne drives to the stud. He speaks to Jeff and tries to get him to cover for him, but it's too late - the important client was annoyed that Wayne (the stud manager) wasn't there, and is going to 'phone Gordon to express his dismay at the running of the business.

When Wayne gets back home, Gordon hauls him into his office. He is angry, and wants to hear his son's side of the story. Wayne tries to lie and say there was a misunderstanding, but when his father doesn't believe him, he admits he forgot about the appointment. Gordon tells Wayne he's getting a new manager for the stud - he's giving his son the sack.

After only one day, John has quit his job as a brickie's assistant. He has spent all day thinking about Patricia being his mother, and he tells Fiona he's going to ask the Hamiltons for a job. Fiona begs him to consider the risks if he were to open his mouth accidentally.

Patricia tells Gordon that she worries about him working late. She's concerned that Gordon over-reacted by taking Wayne's job from him after one mistake, and asks her husband to give him a second chance. But Gordon says he's trying to do the best for his son. He won't back down and asks his wife to trust his judgement, but she won't. The 'phone rings. It's "Scott" calling to ask if he can see Gordon. They agree to meet at Dural the next morning. John says to Fiona, "So far, so good."

The meeting duly takes place and "Scott" tells Gordon he thought he liked him and would give him a chance. He offers to work a week without pay - all he wants is a chance. Gordon tells "Scott" he needs a stable hand, and "Scott" immediately takes the job on a one week paid trial. Gordon warns "Scott", though, that if he upsets Angela, he shouldn't expect to stop around. On his way out, "Scott" runs into Patricia. He stares at her before telling her about the job and saying "I'll be seeing you, Mrs. Hamilton." Patricia tells Wayne that Gordon hired "Scott" to spy on him at the stud, and says "Scott" is competition. Wayne tells his mother he expects to get rid of "Scott" in a week. When Angela finds out what has happened, she is angry at Gordon. But Mr. Hamilton says he respects "Scott" for standing by Jill - he's made his decision and he's going to stick by it. Gordon tells Angela she's being childish and says, "Scott keeps his job until I have reason to get rid of him."

Kevin tells Lynn his parents are "handling it" over John. Lynn starts walking ahead so her parents don't see her with Kevin. Kevin tells his girlfriend to stand up for her rights, and they try to get each other to confront their parents, but both back down.

At home, Kevin tries to talk to David, and they end up going to the park for a game of cricket. After a knock around, they sit down and David tells his son how he had almost made the school first team. Kevin asks why he didn't and asks if it was something to do with Doug. But David refuses to talk any more. Kevin pushes things, asking if the arguments at the wedding were to do with John's real mum. David avoids the question.

"Scott" arrives at the stud for his first day of work. Angela is already there on a horse, and doesn't look pleased to see him. Gordon and Wayne arrive in their cars. "Scott" tells Wayne he thought he was the manager; Wayne tells "Scott" to keep his mouth shut and do what he's told. At home in the evening, John tells Fiona, "I'll last," when she asks how things went.

At Dural, Angela teases Wayne about getting his hands dirty. Wayne says Gordon wants to teach him a lesson and he'll be back managing the place in a month. Angela says the new manager will check the books and find out Wayne has had his hand in the till. Wayne says he's covered his tracks. He then goes and sees his father and tells him "Scott" got in the way at the stud. Wayne tries to tell his father he's learnt his lesson and wants his old job back, but Gordon says he's hired someone else, and even if he hadn't, he still wouldn't re-employ Wayne as manager. Gordon tells Wayne that he gave him responsibility too early, to which Wayne retorts that Gordon just wants him down with "guys like "Scott"". Wayne asks his father if he thinks he needs more backbone.

In the sitting room, Wayne pours himself a drink. Patricia comes in and tells him that it's late, but Wayne says he's not drunk yet - he can't even manage that. Patricia says drinking won't help, and adds that she'll work on Gordon. Wayne says Gordon always comes around for his wife, but he wanted him to do it for his son. He asks Patricia if Gordon cares about him - he mainly grew up with his nana and papa and then went to boarding school - Gordon didn't even want him around. Wayne says it serves Gordon right that his son is useless. He buries his head in his hands and sobs, "I wanted him to do it for me."


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